Earth Has Its Own Inner Core

This is unbelievably a new discovery from our own planet. The colleagues of the research team in University of Illinois at the Nanjing University in China found a new discovery that you all might be interested with. They found that the Earth inner core has its own inner core that has surprising revelation for our planet earth. This inner core is made of iron crystals in the outer layer while the inner core is directionally aligned north-south. And the inner-inner core the iron crystals directionally in the east west. The inner inner core behaves differently as it pointed directly to east-west opposite from the other inner core. It does not only behaves differently but it is more likely made of a different kinds of crystals maybe a different phase.

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Bought Another Headset

Since I am starting already with my home base job and a headset is required, the other week I bought another headset, yes my headset that I bought last year is not functioning properly. I could not hear a thing sometimes; I need to press the cord harder to the outlet so I can hear any sounds. The headset I bought last year was more expensive than this one. Oh well, I am thankful that this one is cheaper because I don’t have extra budget for this at all. I mean I am also not sure if I will be successful for this home base job since I need to reach my quota every day and so far this week I didn’t achieve my goal. A cheap headset is all I need then if they still need my service for long term; I may buy another one, a headset that have a noise reduction. It is more expensive but I am surely would like the sounds of it, it maybe more clear.

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Beware Of Fake Online Certificates

 photo Fake-degree-scam_zps441caf22.jpg

Photo not mine

If you are requesting a certificate university online oh well you have to think about that a million of times because there are universities that are offering university certificate online are fake just like this Hongkong University. Until this week this fake university has been selling certificates through mainland shopping website Taobao.

Radio Television Hongkong reported that the fake certificate had the name Suwen University in Hongkong and this document is sold for about 300 to 1000 yuan.

On the other note, when this was caught off guard, Taobao website has since removed the certificates while Chinese University demanded to remove the picture of its chancellor from Suwens Website as the supposed website advertises that they had ties with Chinese University.

One report said that this so called university was founded in the year 1989 and offered bachelors, masters, associates decrees etc., etc., These degrees were sold online through Taobao with a promise that the certificates will be delivered approximately in 10 days.

The name Chen Jian who claimed to be the chairman of the said university issued an apology to the website however the website is already shut down just this Monday.

Source: Yahoo

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Need Auto Insurance? How to Get the Best Price

Everybody that owns a car needs auto insurance and nobody is happy about paying for it. After all, auto insurance can cost you hundreds of dollars per month if you’re leasing a car or driving an expensive vehicle. Rates can also be high for drivers with past accidents or moving violations.

However, auto insurance doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive, and there are ways you can pay less. Use this guide to help you find a quote that works with your budget.

1. Get quotes from more than one insurance provider and let them know what the others are telling you. Believe it or not, some insurance brokers have wiggle room when it comes to the rates they charge you. If they know you’re going to go with somebody else they might just work with you to find a rate that’s more appealing.

2. Ask friends and family where they get their auto insurance. Many people do the research, so why not reap the rewards of their hard work. There’s nothing wrong with asking somebody if they have a good broker or a great rate. They’ll be happy to pass that information along to you.

3. Consider getting a quote from an insurance provider that helps you with something else. For example, the person that sold you your life insurance or your homeowner’s insurance may be able to help with your auto insurance as well. In some cases, having multiple plans with one broker can save you a lot.

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