Fire Training Technology

Effective live fire training demands cutting edge technology in the simulators. Creating a versatile product line included pioneering a unique propane-based burner system for fixed and portable fire training devices. That success and dealing with ever-changing situations and materials evolved where operators have safely created realistic live fire situations for controlled training purposes throughout the world.

Impressive clientele includes municipal and state fire academies, branches of the U.S. military, and international airports throughout North America as well as similar clients in other countries.

Why Use Propane?

Propane provides the most realistic fire training simulation, has a lower cost of operation because of lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance, and is more environmentally friendly than other fuel sources. However, most of the products can be configured to use natural gas, and integrated controls can be provided for exterior applications that are Tek Flame fuelled. The flame generation system is automated controlled to provide training fires that appear realistic and respond to the operator’s control.

Safety and Regulations

It is extremely important and a top priority to adhere to the most stringent of safety regulations while leading the industry in the engineering and design of Live Fire Trainer Simulators and Systems. Mobile training also gives the firefighters experience in different realistic scenes and situations. A multitude of stringent international regulations are complied with in order to supply fire training systems for airport, military and civilian firefighters.

Fixed Aircraft Fire Training Site (ARFF)

Comprised of a 50 or 80 foot mock-up of an aircraft fuselage, it is combined with a fuel spill burn area. Each training site is custom made under strict manufacturing and quality control systems to meet the client’s individual specifications, budget, and training needs.

Mobile Aircraft Fire Trainer (MAFT)

Comprised of a 45 or 50 foot aircraft fuselage mounted on a trailer and a 300hp support tractor, this is self contained with DOT approved propane tanks, an onboard generator, and flood lighting. This allows bringing the training right to the airport.

Pro Safe Fire, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, is the company that has accomplished the fire training and products mentioned above. You are welcome to contact us for more detailed information and to answer any questions you may have.

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Online Status Verification

To those who would like to register to vote, you can also to verify your status online.

Voter information online includes the following:

If before you need to go to COMELEC when you are inquiring something, not anymore this time because you can actually get an answer through the COMELEC website. If your questions are the following:

Am I registered voter?

Does my record have biometrics data?

Where is my polling center?

What is the status of my registration record?

What is my precinct number?

You don’t have to go out in your house because these questions can be answered through online. Getting your voter ID, to file your application or update your record, you still have to go to COMELEC. But verifying your status on COMELEC Website can save you time.

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Shopping Could Not Be Hard At All

One of my friends reside in Texas already, and you know western people, they most of the time wear boots, cowboy hats and all of that stuff and my friend was persuaded to wear those stuffs too. At first she doesn’t like it but since her husband is originally from Texas she got used to it.

Nonetheless, it is not easy to find western clothing. Some would be just so plain that it won’t impress anyone at all. But if you know how to pick the best, then this wear could not be boring anymore. Plus, when you have the best back up to help you get what you want, then you can wear it with fashion and passion. So if you are looking for western clothes, pick the great western clothing at Eli’s, I am sure you will be in good hands. Shopping for clothes could be so hard, but if you have the right site to visit, shopping could be very easy peasy, be creative and be classy when you are wearing your favorite western clothes.

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I Can Now Type

My laptop keyboard is not functioning well; I don’t know when it was started that this keyboard is not working already. I could not help it anymore sometimes; I bang it hard just for it to work. I almost forgot I bought a keyboard just this month supposedly for our desktop. Uhmm I hooked it off from the desktop then plug it in my laptop and guess what it works.

The keyboard is very soft to my fingers, it can type so easily. Now I don’t have to bang it because I can type without getting pissed. At first I thought it won’t work but thank to my daughter because she patiently waited for it to successfully install to my laptop. Yes, this is very much affordable and yet I am enjoying it. I can now type! Oh yes!

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