YM Instant Messaging Will Say Goodbye

I was shocked to read this news in Facebook that the Yahoo Messenger will shut down on August 5th this year. If this is true, I am sure that I will going to miss the Yahoo Messenger, I mean this is my first chat messaging over the Internet and until now I am still using it with my husband, oh well aside from Viber whenever I am in my IPad.

Now that we have Viber, Facebook instant messaging, what’s upp and Face Time, it is sad to say that YM instant messaging will say goodbye soon.

Here’s the good news, it will just say goodbye in Desktop but not with apps. The YM will still be used through apps.

The service started since 1998 and it gained popularity in 2000’s but with our fast phasing other instant messaging apps, YM will have to leave to give in the others. YM has served its purpose and I am sure will miss it.

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Disassemble Your Electronic Devices Properly

 photo 60196962-cdb4-4ad5-bf6a-61c214449c7a.jpgOur TV is not working since a week ago, so the kids just satisfied themselves in computer, cellphones and the Ipad. Mj is already saying she has the most boring life because she doesn’t have gadgets and now she can’t even watch TV. I am looking for a TV set but the one I like is so expensive. I might have to wait until next month when the budget is right.

On the other hand, I want to share this to you all.  Device electronic such as TV, computers or cellphones, if not properly disposed can be hazardous to your health. They may seem clean but beware because it might cause environmental pollution. This often happens in developing countries, where people are equipped to disassemble things. If they can’t disassemble the gadgets properly, the toxic metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium will be exposed to the public and worst to the environment.

When you recycle and reusing electronic waste, you are not only helping your budget but you are also effectively protecting the environment.  So disassemble the gadgets properly and if you still reuse it so to less the demand of that particular gadget or TV therefore you are participating to shield our mother earth from getting too much damage.


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No Network Outage Please?

During downtime of our phone service provider, our service provider doesn’t offer any compensation at all. I mean, even if your credits or load is gone without any reason our service provider will never care since we can always change service provider. Sim card is just so light in the pocket. But I am always stick with one service provider and I don’t know why.

But you see I worked in one of the phone service provider in the US and these people are so lucky. The company gave them compensation with limits though but at least it would lessen their bill.

Network outage sucks!

Not only with customers but those people who worked in the customer service. They are the one who received all the complains, screams, profanity words and all that stuff. We could not complain though, we are giving our best to accommodate them all and to give them the best service that they deserve. I just wish they would give the customer service a good score even though with the network outage in one day.

Oh please no network outage again!


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How To Check Your Unique Visitor Stats?

It has been a week that I tried to check my blog stats for monthly and or unique visitors. I could not seem to find it. What I could remember is I have this site before that I just copy and paste the link of my blog and right away the stats will just pop up and sad to say I don’t remember that site anymore.

On the other hand, since it was the last day of the submission of my blog in one of the paid site that I joined to, I explored my dashboard and there were number of times that I keep on going to Jetpack stats and tried to check there the unique visitors of my blog. I was able to check the monthly visitor stats right away but it was so hard with the unique visitors until I found something on how to check the unique visitors.

All you need to do is go to Jetpack stats and check the WordPress.com tools. Tap the WordPress.com label in the bottom and you will be redirects to the WordPress, in which you need to sign in or sign up. I already signed up before so obviously I just need to sign in. On the left side corner, click the stat then you can see there the graphics check for the monthly or unique visitors, easily the stats will going to provide you right away how many unique visitors that were able to visit to your blog.


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