Marketing Your Business With Your Car

When companies work with a business like, they will be able to advertise for their business on their vehicles. The vehicles that drive around to work every day can carry the logo and markings of the business. Also, these graphics can carry contact information for the business. When a business wants to market itself easily, the graphics can go on any part of the car. These graphics make it easy to create a fleet of service vehicles.

Most businesses place their contact information on the door or back window. However, the business can purchase graphics that will cover the entire car. The most advanced car graphics will make it easy for people to identify the vehicle, and the car graphics will not come off easily. These graphics are designed to create a moving advertisement for the business. The car looks more colorful, and people can see it coming down the road.

Purchasing and installing these car graphics changes the way that businesses market themselves. Every car or truck in the fleet can carry the marking that make it unique from other vehicles. People driving down the road can remember the contact information, and customers will know that they have their technician pulling into the driveway.

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When Driving

It was a roller coaster when I was still learning how to drive. There are times that I feel like obligated to drive whenever I see it in the garage. And whenever I drive, I was just so nervous. I would always out of focus when I was already behind the wheel but I overcome it with my friend word that I just have my eyes on the road and be a defensive driver. Here are some tips if you are just learning how to drive and a first time driver.

First you have to keep your hands on the wheel when I first touch my hand on the wheel, I thought it was simple but nope, it is not at all. My arms got crisscrossed and sometimes got lock. But you have to be still and proper and make sure before you drive, you should have mirror set already, check all like break, and all the lights.

Second is, do not touch the radio when you are in motion. When it is my first time to drive I don’t like noise and no one should talk even turning on the radio was a big no no. I just turned the radio on when I was already an expert.

Third should be no cellphone. Do not text or call or even pick up your cellphone from your bag. If you can put your phone off, then turn it off. It is very dangerous to use cellphone when driving as it is also illegal.

This is only three ways to be safe while driving; I’ll be posting some more in my next posts.

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Do You Know What Replace What?

Do you know that before we are not using calculator but we used this slide rule? It is a huge ruler with a sliding section in the center; this is used so everyone can compute quickly in Math. The calculate replace the sliding rule the next few years.

Do you still remember the typewriter, we used this in college we even had a subject for this. Typewriter is machine for writing, it reproduce letters just like a printer now. It looks like a hunchback computer keyboard. Now we used the computer in replace with the typewriter.

Phonograph, it is a record player with a special needle that picks up the sound from a record. Phonograph looks like a giant black CD. Now CD replaced the Phonograph.

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Be Inspired By Your Fitness Wear

Both my husband and I could stand to drop a few pounds.  One thing that he says he lacks is the motivation to continue once he starts an exercise program.  He really needs encouragement to continue a fitness routine once he starts.  He normally just wears a pair of old shorts and tee-shirt to work out in, but I don’t know how comfortable or conducive to helping him in his fitness routine is.

I believe that, along with a good pair of training shoes, fitness wear is important.  Fitness apparel should be functional, comfortable to wear and it would not hurt if it had a motivation message on it to help my husband concentrate on his workout.  I and the kids try to do our part by giving our encouragement, especially the youngest who is really concerned about her daddy when it comes to exercising

As for me, I am pretty much the same.  I am in pretty good physical condition, but I do need to lose some weight.  I have tried many different things to do so, but have lacked the will to continue any of them.  There are no magic pills or formula to help us lose weight, just a proper diet and exercise.  Doing a fitness program alone is hard.  In our case we need encouragement.  I like the idea of having fitness wear that gives both me and my husband a message.

Whether we are jogging, lifting weights or any other fitness activity, having the proper motivation is important I know in my case I need to be encouraged to continue what I have started.

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