New Microsoft Phone

Just last pay day I was dumbfounded if to buy a new cellphone or not. You see I’d been planning to buy a new phone for myself since my other phone was soaked in sea water last summer. It is just I don’t have extra budget to buy one for me. Last pay day was my chance and even though I have things to pay yet but if I will slipped the chance to buy me a new phone, I might not going to have another chance again and so I did. This phone was just new in the market and even if it’s only new, it was only so affordable. I brought my niece with me to help me decide. Say hello to my new phone.

 photo IMG_0581_zpshtbykaso.jpg

I thank GOD for my salary because I was able to buy a new phone of my own from my own pocket.

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Music Industry Has Some Changes

As technology continues to develop, many industries are changing. Technology has changed the way people communicate and research. It has also changed the way that people enjoy music. When compact discs became popular, it was common to see people enjoying their music by playing a portable disc player. Now even compact discs are becoming obsolete as digital music sales continue to rise.

The Ease of Digital Music
Being able to download tracks onto a portable device has brought many advantages to music fans. Fans now have the option to purchase a single song instead of an entire album, and the song is can be played on a variety of devices. Songs from several different albums can be scrolled through with the touch of a screen. Instead of driving to the store to find a favorite album, a download can be obtained in just a few clicks.

More Interaction
These changes have made it easier for bands to communicate with their audiences, and they can release new material quickly. Some bands post new songs or performances directly to their websites. Musicians are even able to have live chats with fans, and several bands provide touring updates on their websites. The communication between fan and musician can be much more interactive due to the technology that is available. Concerts are able to be streamed worldwide.

Traditional Tours Draw Crowds
While the growth in digital sales means that sales of compact discs have decreased, the desire to see bands and musicians perform live has only increased. Fans are more eager than ever to see their favorite musicians perform their biggest hits. Musicians like Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band are popular with fans. Boyd gained much attention from fans when it was announced he had surgery for carpal tunnel.

Technology has made being a music fan better than ever. With more access to a musician’s tour schedule, it is easier to determine when a favorite band will be nearby. Fans can also receive timely updates from artists about their lives. The music industry will continue to benefit from the increased interaction fans are now able to have with their favorite bands.

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Want A New Phone

I tried to buy a new phone but it seems like I am always out of budget so that’s why my friend and I at work had a plan to go to the mall to try to loan a cellphone. It would be a good idea for us to have at least an upgraded cellphone. I am actually looking for Asus or Samsun but let’s see. We supposed to go to the mall yesterday but since we have to finish something at work, we went home late already and I could not get up from sleeping anymore, in fact I woke up at 10:00 p.m. already. Today I hope we can pass by at the mall so we can check for a nice phone.

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5 Tips for Springtime Photography

Even if you dream of becoming a rockstar photographer, you should get experience with a variety of subjects and shooting techniques. Here are a handful of springtime photography tips to make the most of this gorgeous season.

1. When shooting bluebells, don’t try to fit in the trees or other nearby objects. If you do, the bluebells will disappear into the surroundings instead of being the focus of the shot.

2. Photograph crops on a windy day. Use a fast shutter speed to make sure you don’t get any blur.

3. Make a landscape photo more interesting by incorporating a cool building, like a windmill, lighthouse, or castle.

4. Don’t be dissuaded by a cloudy day. Moody clouds can make a picture more dramatic than an empty sky could. Wait a few minutes for the sun to sneak through so that you can use the natural lighting.

5. Play with black and white photography during the spring. Sure, most springtime images will be brightly, boldly colored, but monochromatic shots let you view the warm season in a new way. You can either shoot in black and white or convert an image to grayscale after shooting in color.

Even if flowers and sunshine aren’t part of your primary niche, there’s nothing wrong with trying new types of photography and expanding your portfolio.

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