Another Technology For Drivers Out There, A Breath Analyzer

To all drivers out there, you must be aware that when you renew your license, a breath test will start on March 12 in NCR, Metro Davao and Cebu. This breath analyzer is to test if you are using alcohol when driving and if you will be caught for nonprofessional drivers of exceeding 0.05 alcohols content will be penalized. For professional drivers its 0.01 and they will be penalized. The LTO will have random tests for especially with public utility vehicles. All concerned agencies should send participants to the 2nd LTO Deputized Law Enforcement Officers from March 10 to 12.

Participants who are positive with BAH will have their licensed suspended for 12 months. Drivers of Public Utility Vehicles will have their license revoke if they found guilty.

Breath analyzer costs P68, 500.00 each. This will only be used when a participant failed of the sobriety tests. the test is said to be when one cannot stand on one footing and could not walk along straight line then he or she should be send for breath analyzer.

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Insuring The Lot

Owning a car lot can mean a big profit if you sell a lot of cars. If there are people who don’t know how to drive the cars when they take them on a test drive or there is damage caused by weather to the cars, then you will probably have to spend more money getting our inventory fixed than you will selling them.

One option is to get open lot insurance. This is a type of insurance that is often separate from your personal policy. It allows you to protect the inventory that you have on the lot in the event that anything does happen. Most policies that cover an entire car lot will pay for damage done by anything ranging from weather to someone hitting the car with their vehicle while in the lot. When you have a large dealership, you will need the coverage because there is probably thousands of dollars of inventory that needs to be protected. As you sell each car, you can remove it from the policy. If you don’t add another car, then the policy rate will usually decrease. The insurance will usually only cover the damage to your vehicles and not to the vehicles of someone else.

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Earth Has Its Own Inner Core

This is unbelievably a new discovery from our own planet. The colleagues of the research team in University of Illinois at the Nanjing University in China found a new discovery that you all might be interested with. They found that the Earth inner core has its own inner core that has surprising revelation for our planet earth. This inner core is made of iron crystals in the outer layer while the inner core is directionally aligned north-south. And the inner-inner core the iron crystals directionally in the east west. The inner inner core behaves differently as it pointed directly to east-west opposite from the other inner core. It does not only behaves differently but it is more likely made of a different kinds of crystals maybe a different phase.

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Bought Another Headset

Since I am starting already with my home base job and a headset is required, the other week I bought another headset, yes my headset that I bought last year is not functioning properly. I could not hear a thing sometimes; I need to press the cord harder to the outlet so I can hear any sounds. The headset I bought last year was more expensive than this one. Oh well, I am thankful that this one is cheaper because I don’t have extra budget for this at all. I mean I am also not sure if I will be successful for this home base job since I need to reach my quota every day and so far this week I didn’t achieve my goal. A cheap headset is all I need then if they still need my service for long term; I may buy another one, a headset that have a noise reduction. It is more expensive but I am surely would like the sounds of it, it maybe more clear.

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