The Power of Love

Most of us wouldn’t argue over the fact that love can be a powerful emotion. It can motivate us to do many things that we thought we weren’t capable of. It can also humble us and create great vulnerabilities within our spirit. Most would agree that there are many different forms of love and its expression can vary greatly. However, love is often the force behind many different actions and reactions.

Love Can Build a Bridge
Love can help connect two very dissimilar people. It can be the bridge across troubled waters. However, the undeniable fact that a bridge exists is the testament of the presence of love. A bridge can not be built unless there is a willingness on both sides to bond and connect despite obvious differences. The bridge represents the acknowledgment of both parties to re-build or build a relationship. It’s even the evidence that building a relationship or rebuilding one is difficult but worth the attempt.

Love Can Power Us
The single mom who works tirelessly throughout the day or night knows how much energy love can give her as she toils while she thinks about her children. Although she’s tired, she finds the energy to push herself to work another few hours. She may feel as if she might pass out if she works another hour but thoughts of her children give her energy.

Love Can Give Us Resilience
When we have a love for ourselves or loved ones, we can withstand more. A spirit filled and fueled by the power of love is capable of withstanding adversity to a larger degree. The loss of a job or a difficult illness can challenge our spirits, but a person filled with love will fight for survival and wellness. Love can build character and strength giving us the stamina to keep going when the going gets tough. We may have had a truck that we loved and built with aftermarket truck parts stolen from us, but our resolve and “can do” attitude will help us to keep going even after the loss of something we built from our heart.

The power of love can transcend all situations and conditions, building a stronger more resilient person. It can give us the power to keep going when our bodies say no. It can also expose the most vulnerable places in our hearts. One thing is for sure however, love almost always gives us characteristics and gifts we never had in order to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

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When Getting An NBI Clearance

I just got my NBI clearance earlier; totally I was confused with the whole process at first. I thought that you will just have to go online, which I didn’t do and then that’s it. There’s a computer for the people who would like to get the tracking number online for NBI and I went there, right away they told me, my appointment is on August 1 yet. So I asked them I needed to get the clearance now, they informed me about the package in which I can process and get the clearance within the day. Since I don’t like to hassle myself I just grabbed it. I paid P 180. 00 to them.

But then I could have pay it lesser than that. If you want to get an NBI clearance online just go to this website after you fill in everything. Pay for it in the NBI or any payment padala, you can pay in LBC, Cebuanna Lhullier or banks. After that go to the NBI agency for a picture taking, and then that’s it. It’s actually up to you if you want to have an appointment or not. In my case, since I was hit I will be back after 10 business days.

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How to Incorporate Healthier Foods into Your Child’s Diet

No matter what you do, it always seems like kids are stuck on chicken nuggets and French fries for every meal. While you can be glad that they are eating at all, you should also encourage them to eat healthier foods throughout the day. Here are a few ways you can incorporate healthier fare into your child’s diet.

Keep a Schedule for Meals and Snacks

Plan your day around meals and snacks. Kids on a schedule have routine hunger habits, so they will usually eat what you put in front of them to avoid hunger pangs. If you start early with healthy meals, kids will know what to expect when you fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, you can keep only healthy snacks on hand for whenever they get hungry between meals.

Sit Down to Delicious, Home-Cooked, Healthy Dinners Together

When you eat as a family, you encourage good, healthy habits through bonding time. Your children will come to appreciate the effort that you put into planning and making delicious, healthy, home-cooked dinners. Plus, family dinners are great times to have conversations about each other’s day.

Teach Kids to Plan Meals and Cook

When you encourage your kids to help out in the kitchen, they get the full experience of the effort it takes to make healthy home-cooked meals. Have them plan a meal for the whole family, go with them to buy the ingredients, and ask them to prep and cook the meal. This is a great exercise for young teens. Stay close by if they need help in the kitchen. If you have multiple children, invest in some custom stickers for your DIY calendar of “cook nights.” Create a different colored sticker for each kid, then alternate nights based on their weekly activities and preferences. For example, if your oldest is a pasta guru, they can have Spaghetti Thursdays.

“Eat What I Fix or Don’t Eat Anything”

This seems a little harsh, but you’re not the short order cook of your family. You are a well-respected person that deserves admiration for planning and cooking healthy meals for your family. With that said, make sure your kids know that if they don’t eat what you fix, then they don’t eat for that meal at all. If they can’t eat your healthy options, then they aren’t hungry enough for their unhealthy alternatives.

Eating healthy is something that comes from years of good habits, mostly instilled from a young age. To incorporate healthier foods into your child’s diet, follow the above-mentioned advice towards a healthier, well-rounded meal plan for your family. In the long run, your children will appreciate everything you do to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

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I Was In Heaven

I was about to go out this morning to send Faith to school that I received a message from my friend Jan saying my favorite celebrities greeted me online. But I can’t open it right away since Faith and I were in a hurry for school. I told my friend I will be opening it when I get home. I can’t wait for it to hear them mentioning my name online.

When I got home from grocery, I logged in to my FB right away and listened their jam in Halo Halo station. They were asked so many questions and lastly, the DJ asked them if could greet my friend Algean, they were able to just mention his family name but mine was oh so complete. They even mentioned my name for so many times, they told me to always take care of myself and I felt so much in heaven. I will be sharing to you the video soon.


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