HD Package For Sky Cable

Last month when I paid for my bill in sky cable, they offered HD for only P499.00, our TV is the led type so I asked if the HD cable in Sky applied in all brands of TV and they said yes. There are only few channels that we like in Sky Cable so the HD package is fit for us. I just need to add the Disney Junior and the Korean package for kids. So I promised to myself that next time when I have to pay for my broadband and cable, I have to change our package from GOLD member to HD subscriber, it is not only HD but it offers our cheaper bills.

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Addicted With Pet Salon In My Phone

Since my cellphone is not like the one that I have before, so there were only few games that I can download, actually I only have 2 and that is the Word Guessing and Pet Salon recently I get addicted to Pet Salon until now. I already in level 11 now, there is nothing I could buy as of the moment I am just waiting for the level to level up.

Pet Salon is a Salon for pets, so when you level up be very careful because there are more customers coming and would easily get irritated when they are not attended right away. If one is not satisfied with your service they will gonna rate you low and that makes you failed with your task.

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Writing Online


This is the word I said when I got accepted to write an article in the website that I joined for recently. I was so excited then he asked me for my SKYPE ID and he added me right away. We talked just a little bit about the article, it was about a Chess engine game. I don’t have any idea of the article but I still accepted it, he told me to research. He gave me 5 articles to write immediately and the time frame is within 24 hours. Within 24 hours I have to submit the articles. But when I asked how much each articles, he said .50 for 500 words. I stopped. I know how tricky the article is and how hard it is and I think even I am not that expert to write, .50 is way too cheap. I can’t make it.

And so I didn’t accept the offer. Sigh!

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Be Very Careful

These past few days blogging is not doing good, thus, I tried to look for a job online but I did not pass for the interview for tutor online. There was one who hired me but the schedule was conflicted to the schedule of Mj so I did not accept the offer. I said to myself maybe writing is for me, I bid for projects and I was glad someone noticed my application. He asked my Skype id right away, so I gave it to him. We chatted in Skype but I was confused with the job so I ask for the complete details of the job. And he said it’s a role playing, it is like sometimes I could be a student while he is the teacher, but when he said that sometimes my role would be a wife. He also stated that I have to be alone at home.  It sounded not good to me at all. So I declined the job I told him I would rather write, he then informed me I could get $100.00 per session, which made me doubting more about it, I know this is something bad. And so I said NO.

Yes, I needed money today but I won’t offer myself doing things like that online, something I and my kids can’t be proud of. From then on, I didn’t log to that website anymore, I thought they are checking every advertisers or employers who are looking for somebody to work for them. I guess I am wrong because there are employers who are not decent at all.

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