Make Performance Even Better

The speaker at home is getting old, sometimes the sound not so right. So when my eldest daughter have something to record for her play at school, the outcome is not that good. She has to do it again and again just to get the right tone of the sound. Well, I could not blame my speaker for it not to work; it has been what, 2 or 3 years since I bought the speaker. I guess it is time for me to buy a new one or a monitor for my eldest recording.

So what is a studio monitor? Oh well studio monitor can help you hear your recording with an accurate details and quality sounds. This is perfect for my eldest daughter when she needs to record her strumming on her guitar at home, especially when she has a play to perform in the school. In that way, she will no longer be shy to perform on stage with her talent. The best monitor can be a plus factor to make her performance even better.

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The Car Is Sent To The Shop

It has been a while that I have problems with my car.  The engine leaks and while the day passes it getting worst. I had my car traveled in Samal on a bumpy road and recently we went to Tagum driving with it. This time, I guess I have to give it a rest because this is I guess just the right timing for it to be sent to the shop.

Starting last night, I commute going to work, I kind a miss it so everything is okay with me. It may take for a while for it to fix since we agreed to buy the parts one by one. With my budget, I think I could not buy it one time since I have to wait for my pay off before I can purchase parts for my car. Oh well at least, slowly my car will getting okay. Get well car because I still need you especially with the shift of my work, it is hard to commute when you have to wait for PUJ in the wee hour.

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Tips to Consider before Becoming an Owner operator

While all truck drivers share the same goals, all leasing companies do not. As an experienced truck driver, you’ve probably done your research on a company before considering becoming an owner operator with them.

After you’ve reviewed a leasing company and narrowed down to your top two or three choices, there are a couple important tips you should consider before deciding on which company to partner with.

In order to be a successful owner operator, you need to look at yourself as well as the company. You don’t want to underestimate the time and effort you’re going to put in as an owner operator, so for your own safety and wellbeing, preparing yourself for this trucking commitment is going to help you become a better driver.

Make sure that you are financially prepared for the costs that come with becoming an owner operator. Leasing with a company that offers discounts on items like fuel and tires will help you manage your finances better. You’ll also rely on your percentage of the loads you haul with the company, so be sure to look into whether or not these rates will change.

Your workload. If you’re someone who appreciates their home time or spending the weekends relaxing, stick with a company that will give you some wiggle room to make a schedule that is feasible for you. Getting stuck with a company that works you to the bone is only going to make your truck driving experience miserable.

Even with a lot of trucking experience, as a beginner owner operator, you may want to start out leased to a company. This way, you aren’t stuck dealing with all of the responsibilities, such as the permits, freight, trailers, and more on your own. You can focus on what you love: driving a truck.

As you anxiously review which leasing company you want to sign up with as an owner operator, remember to consider your own needs and wants first. Truck driving is your future, so you want to make sure that you are happy with your career.

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When Your Phone Freeze

When your phone does not respond at all, I am sure you are tempted to throw it against the wall. Oh wait, you don’t have to do that there is still a solution for that even if you think there is none anymore.

If you could not turn the phone off, even how hard you tried because the screen froze, here’s the tip.  You actually just have to power and hold the volume key down until it will turn off. You don’t have to worry because it will not erase your data at all, this will not also reset your phone default. So after your phone turned off, turn it on the normal way. I am sure your phone will be back to normal.

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