Business Opportunities That Take Little To Run

Keeping in line with fantastic business opportunities, have you considered the motorcycle transport business? Since there’s no sign of either autos or motorcycles ever going out of style, this is one lucrative business that could easily turn into something big.

Here’s how it works. The auto transport business knows no bounds–territorial or otherwise. Stretching from state to another, your car can be easily transported from one region to another on huge transport trucks. Transportation can also be arranged via ships going to other ports-of-call such as Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Taking advantage of every space and inch available, cars are not the only things being transported. Serious auto transport companies such as Fast Motion Auto Transport, make sure your Harley-Davidson or Yamaha bike hops on board along with the rest of the cars and gets to your needed destination safely, quickly and without damage at all.

People on military deployment, career moves, car dealerships, RV dealers, family moves and just about anything else, are your anticipated traffic in this type of business.

What Does It Take?

Recent federal automotive transport agencies have decided that to protect all the parties involved, auto transport brokers will need to put up to $100,000 in bond funds to ensure against “Murphy’s Law” going into effect. In other words, when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Snow blizzard or highway accident, you name it.

Before current fees went into effect, anyone with a $10,000 invested interest could begin their own auto transport business with minimal training or experience in the industry.

Business Potential

No, it’s not cheap to start one of these businesses, but the potential and monetary rewards are impressive easily leading into anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million annually. There’s only one problem–it’s a seasonal business. Once old man winter kicks in, weeks or months may go by without any trucks being able to move their cargo of cars, trucks, RVs or motorcycles.

With that being said, this looks like a winner–if you can come up with the money to launch this type of business. You can start it out of your own home office with nothing more than a computer and a phone set. You can pretty much set your own hours, it’s sometimes run as a 24/7 setup, including holidays.

There’s no harm in checking out this business opportunity. It could be your ticket to having the type of business you always wanted.

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Header Is Gone

I was updating my other blog Mary Anne’s Musing when I notice that my header is nowhere to be found. Yes, gosh why now? I mean I don’t remember at all where the code is hidden. I even told my husband who’s online right now to check if the header is really gone on his end and say to say he could not also see it!

So I re-tracked, checked, traced back to where the code of my header is saved. Fortunately I was able to find it. All the codes are okay, I mean it was not mess up but the source where I embedded the code is under maintenance so maybe that is the culprit why it was not showing up because the website is down.

Oh well, I will just wait for that website to be up, it said it will only be a short while and it will be back. Besides I don’t have to time edit or to modify this blog again. Not to mention that I forgot what was the image of the header. LOL so I’ll let it rest I know it will be back.  My husband is wrong when he said it ran away. Hahaha!!!

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Three Simple Ways To Look And Feel Your Best

While almost everyone wants to look and feel their best, life circumstances, lack of knowledge, and negative behavioral patterns can preclude them from doing so. However, if you’re serious about loving the skin you’re in and optimizing your health, now is the time to access the strategies that will help you realize your goal. Here are just three of many health and beauty tips that can help you look and feel absolutely amazing:

1. Shop Online.

In many cases, people fail to look great because of a lack of time. You can overcome this beauty barrier by shopping for clothes online. Online retailers like Angry, Young, and Poor feature folter dresses and several other clothing items that you can work into your wardrobe. Moreover, shopping online enables you to quickly purchase things from the privacy of your home. No long check-out lines and no heavy traffic! Be sure that you do your research on an online retailer before you agree to purchase anything from them. To get started, look at their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and the online feedback they’re receiving from their customers.

2. Add Weight Lifting To Your Workout Routine.

While many people recognize the value of doing exercise, they oftentimes confine their workouts to cardiovascular activity. Don’t make this mistake. Weight lifting is equally important, and this is the case for several reasons. For starters, weight-lifting enhances your metabolism and thereby boosts your fat-burning potential. Weight lifting also plays an integral role in improving your posture and digestive track. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of lifting weights, try hiring a personal trainer who can teach you the basics.

3. Use Cronometer For Calorie Tracking.

In addition to adding weight lifting to your workout routine, make sure that you track how many calories you take in each day. Overeating is a primary factor that can detract from how you look and feel, so being conscious of how much you eat each day is quite important. You can use online food journals such as to accomplish this food tracking objective. Cronometer enables you to track both your daily caloric intake and your macronutrient/micronutrient intake.


If you’re serious about looking and feeling your best, it’s time to figure out what behavioral changes you need to make to realize the goal. By implementing the three life changes outlined above, you will likely find that you have more energy, a slimmer physique, and a better mood. Get started now to start reaping absolutely amazing benefits!

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I Nearly Gave Up Of My Car

Last November at last I was able to buy parts for my car so my mechanic will start to overhaul the car. I thought I can get the car after a week but it got extended to two weeks then three weeks. But the struggle did not stop there because the moment I will get the car, another part is damage. First, after few days of running the car, it got weaker and weaker until the power is slowly turning off. I brought the car back to the mechanic right away. He told me that there is one part that needs to be brought to mechanic shop and it cost P2, 500.00 to repair it. After 3 days, the car sent it back to me. After a week, I notice that the break is not that strong, it will run for a while after I step for it. I sent it back to him afterwards.

The car was sent back and forth, the last time was when the lock of the tire gave up. And that was the most expensive repair that I had after of the overhaul. It cost about P7, 500.00 to have the lock repair.

I was disappointed of course, it seems like the car is getting hopeless but I can’t give up, not now. The car is still in collateral since I renew my loan at RFC. The car is also very useful since I am the one fetching Faith from school even I am already working. Not to mention that my work shift is at 2 am, nevertheless, the car is really very important.

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