Arming Yourself without Drawing Attention

As more states relax their conceal and carry laws, more people are taking the opportunity to arm themselves out in public. Defending yourself successfully requires that you maintain the element of surprise so that you can get the jump on someone who wants to harm you.

When you carry your weapon in a hip holster, you may draw attention to yourself and possibly put yourself at risk of an unwanted confrontation. You can carry more discreetly yet with the ready access to your weapon that you want by using a shoulder or vest holster, concealment shirt, or other apparel designed to hide your handgun.

Comfort while Concealing

Leather holsters that you wear around your waist and on your hip can be restrictive and cumbersome. They let you carry, albeit noticeably, but do not give you the comfort you may want when you have your handgun on you.

Instead of buckling yourself into a holster that can chafe, restrict your hips and waist, and be difficult to sit down while wearing, you can get the access and discretion you want by wearing a tee shirt designed to hold your firearm. The shirt is made from soft material that is sturdy enough to sustain the weight of your handgun. It also is soft enough to avoid chafing your skin while you wear it or making you feel like you are restricted in any way.

You can also wash and dry it like a regular tee shirt, a convenience that is not available with some of the other apparel designed for conceal and carry. The shirt is easy to take care of and can be worn as often as needed when you want to conceal and carry out in public.

Ordering Online

While many states now have lax conceal and carry laws, you may not be able to find the apparel you need to keep your firearm on you discreetly. Many national retailers still are not eager to sell such items in stores.

You can get the size and fit you want in this kind of shirt by using the online order form. The prices and ordering instructions are listed online for your convenience.

You can also see what the shirts look like before you order them if you prefer. The website has a gallery that shows you what the shirts look like, what kinds of conceal and carry pockets they have, and what sizes they are available in for your consideration.

You now have the opportunity to conceal and carry in public in many states. You can do so discreetly without drawing attention to yourself or your handgun by wearing apparel designed for secure, accessible, yet discreet carry.

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Cebu Pacific Flight Number 5J570

Cebu Pacific Flight number 5J570 encountered a minor accident, the plane is bound from Cebu to Manila at 6:35 pm. Upon taking off the front landing gear went outside the runway. Thank GOD that there is no major injuries. All the passengers are taken cared of. All passenger are being deplaned so the aircraft can be towed.

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Can’t Wait For The Back Pay

Last July 10 I process my clearance in the office so I can claim my back pay after 45 days. Yes it is yet 45 days but they said I can make a follow up on the 3rd week so maybe on August I will be calling them to ask if it is already available.

Mj can’t wait for my back pay because I promised her that once I have it on my hand, I will buy another phone and she will be using my Samsung Galaxy On 7. I think I just got the Samsung Galaxy On 7 before my birthday last year. Mj got my Microsoft Windows then. But later on Microsoft Windows won’t charge, we already have the port repair but then it is doing the same thing again now.

I was thinking to buy her a new phone but she was okay with my Samsung Galaxy On 7 so I will buy myself a phone she will get mine right after. We were already making a canvass of a new phone maybe I will be getting not the Samsung this time but Oppo F3. I saw some offers in the mall; I might go to check for it when I have the funds.

When I went to NBI to get my clearance, I was able to talk to a girl who will be working in a Home Credit. We were able to talk about life and her journey here in Davao. She offered me an F3 phone; she said she will give me some freebies if I will buy the phone from her. She seems so nice so I’ll be calling her one of these days.


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Personal Finance

I found this video that could help us do a rightful budget. We thought that we are already expert in doing the budget but whatever you are doing is actually not enough. We need to break this method, Salary – Bills = Savings instead Salary – 10% Savings = Bills. Here’s how:

You should always think the real cost:

real cost definition. The cost of producing a good or service, including the cost of all resources used and the cost of not employing those resources in alternative uses.

Meaning to say you should mind your expenses, where exactly did you spend your money. Let’s say you are so drooling over the new pair of shoes of your friend, you asked the brand and how much was it then you bought it during your payout, you did not expect that the amount that you spend for the pair of shoes is actually 10 or 15 days of you working hard.

You can try this too, this is actually what I am doing actually I lacked of something and that is to segregate I did the segregation before but got no time.

List your all expenses then in the end of the month segregate it, label it with Grocery, Bills ( Light, Water, Cable, Internet) Tuition fees, Allowance for kids, Babysitter. And then check the personal shopping that you did, you will be surprise how much you spent for just wants and not needs.

You might want to check this for all the details

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