How Important Is Your IMEI Number

IMEI number is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number. This is a serial number of your cellphone that you didn’t expect that it is very important. It may not sound it is but this serial number can help your cellphone be secured. If someone stole your cellphone, you can report your device that it is stolen and it can be added to the blacklist. The IMEI number can be a big help to identify the phone that uses terrestrial network. Terrestrial network is a network that you use when you place a call on your device and if you are using data connection provided by your phone service provider. Why we are we using terrestrial, because we use planet side antennae and not satellite for you to be connected.

The government can traced your phone using the IMEI but it depends, if you are in postpaid plan it can be detected since you are under contract and it requires you, your identification card. This is the problem of prepaid because they are not under contract so the identification is not required.


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Finally A New Phone

It has been months that I really want to buy a new cellphone.  The data of my old cellphone will not work at all and since Mj needs a phone too, buying a new one will be worth it.

I was able to earn extra from my blog and so I promised myself if it’s already on my hand, I will buy a new phone. And it was realized last Thursday, after we watched a movie, I withdraw my earning from my bank and right away I bought the phone that I’d been eyeing for how many months already. It is big, bigger than my Microsoft Lumia and most of all I can use the data. The phone has a free sim card from Smart and it is LTE ready, the data is indeed very fast.

The picture results are clear too especially if you will do the selfie. I will be putting some features of the phone on my next post.


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The Countdown

The moment the countdown began, everyone screamed.

The concert is about to start, fans were shouting for their names and I was there just being so silent, I felt like there was a big thump in my chest. I could not move, I could not even shout. I was mesmerized with the whole thing that about to happen in front of me.

My experience was awesome, how I wish to do it again on their upcoming concerts.

This digital clock really added the excitement of the audience. The countdown begins!

So sorry for the video, could not contain my happiness. LOL

My experience.

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Book An Event At One Atlantic

When you have a hugely important event that calls for only the very best in sophistication in a vibrant and versatile setting, consider booking an event at One Atlantic in Atlantic City. This amazing event venue is a one-of-a-kind place that offers all the most critical elements in putting together an event that will be talked about for years to come.

Atlantic City special events are events that have every detail attended to, with beauty and sophistication. This event space has over 10,000 square feet of integrated space with incredible views of the thrilling Atlantic City skyline through floor to ceiling windows and an open-air terrace. Guests will also get a great view of the world famous Atlantic City beach and boardwalk here, for a charming experience that’s second to none.

When you book an event with One Atlantic City, every detail will be covered. The flexible seating arrangements at this venue allow for unique configurations that can accommodate cocktail parties (for 10 to 1,200), luncheons and dinners (for 5 to 50 guests) and theater-style or classroom events (for 10 to 750 attendees).

One Atlantic is located up atop the Pier Shops at Caesars in Atlantic City, and it is a gorgeous setting for weddings, corporate events or entertainment. One Atlantic offers a wealth of resources for creating a first class event, including event planners and caterers ready to prepare and serve some of the finest cuisine available anywhere.

The event planning services available through One Atlantic are superb, with every possible detail attended to, including custom designed invitations and gifts, fine photography and video services, and a choice of elite entertainment including live music, DJs, great performers or even special appearances by celebrities. The event planners here can also arrange for incredible interior decoration for your event, from lighting effects to fine table settings and beautiful floral arrangements. One Atlantic also offers catering and event services off the premises, so you can arrange to have the finest event arrangements brought to the venue of your choice.

When you book an event at One Atlantic, you can also arrange for accommodation bookings to be taken care of, as well as transportation services including limos, valet parking, luxury car rentals or even a helicopter or a romantic horse and carriage. At One Atlantic, the pride is in the details, and in delivering an event of the very first order. When it’s time to start planning that crucial event, make sure it’s a memorable one, by booking with One Atlantic.

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