The Old One Vs The New One

There are so many things that are already damaged or busted here at home. One of those is this keyboard of my laptop, the technician said that even we used an external keyboard; it would still destroy the program of the computer. When the technician finished repairing my laptop, he has seen so many viruses. I guess I need to buy a virus scanner, I mean not the free version. I am thinking Kaspersky, it is nearly a thousand bucks, I know it is a bit expensive but I think it’s worth it since we are exploring or surfing in the web so many times, if it’s just a plain blog I might be doubting to buy one but with my niece who’s fond of downloading movies, virus scanner is a must. On the other hand the keyboard that is busted replaced with a new one. See the difference?

 photo IMG_00011.jpg

My old Keyboard

 photo IMG_00031.jpg

The new one

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Customer Service Of My ISP Sucks

Yesterday morning, we called the PLDT customer service again because the waiting is already too long. It has been 2 nights already that we don’t have Internet connection at home and this is so unfair as a customer, I have the right to complain with their customer service, it is just too poor.

I was able to talk to one agent, I told her to turn the Internet on since it is not my fault at all that they have upgraded my plan without my consent. The agent apologized I accepted it but the process in turning my Internet on is just so dragging. This agent even told me to wait 5 business days to revert my plan to the original plan. I can’t wait for freaking 5 business days, I understand the process but how come when you can’t make a payment on time, they will automatically cut off my plan while retrieving my plan is just so hard for them to do. I understand the process but I hope it is as fast as you disconnect my service when I can’t meet the deadline. I don’t know if they should train more their agents or they just choose the wrong people.


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What’s Going On PLDT?

I am just so pissed off with PLDT. Last night all so sudden our Internet is cut off. I thought that they just have some technical issues but to my surprised when my niece and daughter called the customer service, they have  sign me up for upgrade and they said that my 50 gig is already over and the only way to have it connected is to buy a booster. I was still outside when I learn the news from my niece. I told her to call them back and tell them that I did not subscribe anything, my niece then told me I should be the one complain because they won’t entertain them.

And so when I arrived, I called them right away. I have to wait yet from 30 minutes for them to pick up the god damn phone. I asked for supervisor right away, the agent tried to de-escalate so I gave way. I told her that I did not confirm anything; she asked me if I know Erlinda, I told her there is no Erlinda living here. So she said they will revert the plan and I’ll just have to wait for someone to call me within the day or so to put back my plan to its original. I feel hopeful; I mean I am positive that my Internet will be back tonight.


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Laptop Repaired

Last Sunday, I brought the laptop that I borrowed back since my laptop is already repaired. The technician said that the keyboard is so busted that even I have an external keyboard, it would still not stopping the laptop keyboard to work on busting the whole system. The technician replaced the keyboard, the keyboard alone already costs P 3,000.00, and since the charger is also busted I have to buy charger for it. They offered me a universal charger costs P 1,500.00. Last Friday, I brought the laptop back at home, the battery has to order yet, yes the battery needs to be replace too. My friends keep on telling me to buy a new one instead. But this laptop is my remembrance from my hard work for blogging so I can’t just let it go. As soon as I can I still want to save it and so I did, my laptop feels so anew now, I think I have to buy sticker case for the cover and a screen protector soon.

On the other hand, the laptop that I borrowed is still with me because when I tried to give it back last Monday, the owner refused to bring it. He said I still can have it, he said he will just text me when should he needs it.

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