Choose Right

My eldest daughter has started to learn the guitar.  At this time she does not have her own but really wants us to get one for her.  Looking around, it has been pretty hard for us to decide on which first guitar for us to choose for her.  She has talent and we want to make sure we get a guitar for her that will help her improve and not one that will hamper her.  Maybe we should let her choose.  Affordability i s a big issue for us since we are on a fixed income, but i know we can find a good beginner guitar for her at a reasonable price.

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The House Starts Debate For Sim Registration

 photo images_zps098ee714.jpgSince some criminals uses cell phones for scamming, house set to debates on bill requiring sim registration. So to stop criminality, when registration is requiring for your sim working this would help law enforcement to stop scammers and criminality. This proposal would establish a system of sale and registration of sim cards for users, pertinent data will be included. Under this bill, every direct seller should require their customers for a valid id with picture of course to confirm their identity. If the customer will refuse to present a valid id, the seller should not sell the sim to him or her. If this will not be followed, the direct seller will have a fine of about 5,000 to 500,000 and a suspension of its operation.

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Good Quality Instruments

Although there are upgraded tunes around no one can still beat the beauty that the saxophone or guitars bring, especially when you buy sax reeds from wwbw. Yeah, you can fake the tone of your voice but not the beat of those musical instruments, so it has to be the best. You have to go to a shop that is dependable with good quality instruments. Did I say good quality instruments? I am sure this is the best gift you could ever give this holiday season to your kids. My kids are musically inclined, so I always think of things I would ever give them however we are very tight in budget right now. But maybe next year, hopefully next year.

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One Of The Trends in 2014

Since 2014 almost end, we will look back of what are the things that trended online. One of them is the flappy bird, I am sure you are one of those who got addicted with this game, I admit I was too. And I guess the highest score I had was 10. Some of my friends got already up to 50, however flappy bird got sold out and so some birds showed also their flying experts in the world of game but nothing beat the flappy bird. Apple also kicked in this year, geez I almost got hooked up with it too. I went to one of network provider and almost get the Iphone5. I just have to pay P2,000 every month, but before deciding for it I thought it over and realized that it is not my priority yet. Selfie also trended this year, monopod got hit in the market to have that group selfie. But actually for me selfie has been trended since then.

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