When The Summer Is On

My daughter is a swimmer; in fact when she was in graders she won the MVP award in one of her competition in the province. She was very happy and I was very proud of what she achieved during that time. And since she won the MVP award, our team also received an award plaque for having the higher points than of the other teams. Our coach even got a bigger smile because everyone congratulates him for doing a good job for the team.

Our team is also planning to host a competition; we are actually looking for brass plaques for the team who will get the higher points. I found one online and I think our team will like the style and the elegant look of the plaque. I am sure they will like it when I will tell them about what I found online.

It is summer and I am sure there are many kids who joined different kinds of sport. And if ever you are the host of the game and you are thinking of at least a mini competition for the kids who joined your workshop. Oh well you don’t have to look anywhere because the best personalized plaques is just a click away. And mind you with just an affordable prize. You will never regret if in case you will order at them because the parents should be very proud and will not forget the mini competition that you once had when the summer is on.

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IMEI Number Is Different From MEID #

Maybe we are confused about these two, actually they are somewhat similar but different. Confused again? Oh well the IMEI and MEID number is both an identity of your cellphone. When your phone is lost you can actually request to block the device using these two. You just have to call National Telecommunication or go there personally and ask them to block this device provided these IMEI or MEID number. These two has a unique series of number so when a certain cellphone is block with the corresponding IMEI or MEID, the device could not be use anymore. The device will be totally shut off and will not be open at all. If in case your cellphone will be lost then you have the authority to block it, you may not get the cellphone back but at least no one could every use it.

The difference of these two is the IMEI number is for GSM phones. What is a GSM phone? GSM phone is a kind of phones that we are using nowadays. To be more specific, phone that can be inserted with a SIM.

MEID are those CDMA phones. It doesn’t have a slot that you can insert a SIM.

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She Will Ask For It Again

We love music. When I was young it was my dream to play guitar. But due to financial issue, I was not able to pursue my dream. I was qualified to play but since I don’t have the instrument I was not able to join the school band. When I became a Mom, it is a plus factor that my daughter love music. And she is willing to learn how to strum, she is not only willing but she desire for it. She was very thankful that I enrolled for summer class a year ago. The disadvantage is she keeps on upgrading her guitar by asking more accessories. Nowadays she has been requesting for ak 15, good thing though that she is busy with her training because of their upcoming competition, she didn’t think of it yet but I have to be ready whenever the competition is finish because I am sure she would ask for it again.

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Sold It Out

The first laptop I ever got was the Dell laptop given to me by my husband so many years ago. It give up few years ago, it died naturally that I have to buy another one. Supposedly my husband will send me another laptop however since we don’t have budget and all that. I just purchased another one using my earning from blogging.

The Dell laptop was just in the corner waiting for someone. Recently, my friend at work told me that he wanted to buy another computer. I know though that the Dell is not functioning right but when I offered it to him for a very low price. He instantly grabbed it. I told him though that he will just pay me if he is sure that he can use it because it has been so long since it is just seated in the corner.

I brought him the charger and the laptop, but then when they tried to open it. The charger does not have a pin already to insert at the power plug. He informed me when they already arrived at home. I just told him that he can actually buy a universal charger.

He will be sending the laptop in the nearest repair shop to have it checked. And he will be buying a charger as soon as the computer will fix.

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