To Activate Microsoft For Free

I am not sure if this is good to share but with today’s financial crisis, I believe that everyone is always after with what is free. I am actually having trouble with downloading Microsoft Windows because every time I clicked free download in this computer, it would always want me to pay. I am sorry but I can’t afford that anymore especially now that I don’t have work. So I asked my friends and niece if they at least have a copy that I can download, one responded and she is available anytime. You see, I am working on encoding my expenses in the computer and I badly want the Excel or the Microsoft Word. I was ready to meet to one of my friends, when my niece downloaded the Torrent in the computer, saying that it can help me download a free Microsoft Word. After waiting for weeks, I finally downloaded it but it was only the trial version, I didn’t know that I downloaded the trial version, in which you need to give out a product key and I totally don’t have that. If I would get one, it will probably going to ask me to pay. Geez, I am sorry but I don’t have that budget right now. I researched online because I know somehow I can download a free copy, then I found this tutorial in YouTube.

So Enjoy!

Check Site For Malware

So I have this feeling that somehow my websites are not working as they supposed to. I am afraid that it has something in it.

I searched for a possible malware or Trojans, good thing that we are living now today, everything is just easy access that you don’t have to go in a public library or buy an encyclopedia just to get some answers. I somewhat loving this kind of set up but I somehow hated it too. Everything is just easy access, like everything that even a toddler would know it right away, just one click, one click and viola!

Thus, if Faith would start to turn the computer on, there should be an adult around her to avoid clicking those videos that should not be click. However back to the subject, so I was searching some engine for me to check if my website has some malware infection. I tried the Sahms Dining Diary first, since I have some report that it has and thank GOD, I tried three different site check and there’s none!

So what are these sites?

I tried the

This as well


I tried this too

The Desktop Is Already Fixed

I am resigning, I  just submitted my resignation letter last week and it will going to be effective on August 24, 2018. Now I am planning to apply for home base, it could be an online tutor or a virtual assistant. I am already telling it to my husband, I need a new laptop for a home base job. But of course, since we have something else we need to prioritize, we need to have it set aside. 

My sister Lilian though made a deal for me  she have a desktop with complete set and she sold it to me. The thing is that this desktop don’t function. We already have it checked but to  no avail until the boyfriend of my niece offered to fix it. He had a friend who can help on fixing it. He sent the desktop to his friend’s house 2 months ago. I didn’t ask them to fix it right away because I am afraid that it would cost much and I am currently have our car repaired. 

Tonight, my niece told me that the desktop is already working. The part that doesn’t work well is the RAM and the hard disk. They replaced the RAM but the hard disk doesn’t have bigger GIG so any heavy files can’t be downloaded because of the capacity of the GIG. I asked to still leave the desktop on his friend’s house for me to buy a highest GIG hard disk but he said that he can actually install the new hard disk himself so he brought the desktop with him. And I am so glad that it is finally fixed. And since I can’t to use it, I have all the things installed and now I am using it, I am looking at it big screen. Yeah I am excited. I can’t wait to resign. 

4 Considerations When Choosing a Psychic

If you’re looking for a psychic, you might be a little overwhelmed by all of the ads and commercials out there. The good news is that it’s easier than you might think to sift through the phonies and find the real deal. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop around for a psychic!

1. Specialty

Some psychics read palms and cards. Others are able to pick up on the energies and impressions of important objects. Others still might be able to contact the dead! Always ask about a psychic’s area of expertise before you put your fate into their hands. You want someone with knowledge and real-world skills that can actually help you.

2. Availability

When can the psychic fit you into their schedule? How many appointments do you think you’ll need to resolve your spiritual issue? If you’re only after a one-time seance, you’ll have more wiggle room than if you’re looking to set up weekly appointments to talk about the future. Discuss these things with your psychic before you settle on any plans.

3. Personality

It’s a common misconception that all psychics are mystical women who will only speak to you in metaphors. As with any field, you’ll find all kinds of personalities in the spiritual world. Some psychics are blunt people who will tell you like it is. Others are kinder and gentler. Which kind of psychic will best suit you?

4. Price

Don’t be afraid to discuss money matters with your chosen psychic. You might wind up forming a long-term relationship with them, so it’s better to know in advance what their rates will be like. You don’t want to spiritually connect to someone only to realize a month later that you can’t keep pace with them financially! Talk about your budget upfront.

These are a few basic things to consider as you look for spiritual services. Whether you’re hoping to contact someone from the other side or just receive a relationship Tarot reading, it’s important that you’re confident in your choice of psychics. Good luck!