Family values

A lot of people will agree that the family is one of the biggest values in the world. The group of people who support each other in every case connected with strong relationships seems to be one of the most desired things for a human being. Nobody wants to be alone, that’s why people are used to form many kinds groups. When people cooperate every problem is much easier to solve. Family doesn’t necessarily have the blood relationship. A lot of people find their friends being more like family to them rather than their relatives. It is more about loyalty, common goals and real love.

Concerning the family as a group of relatives, we have to distinguish two cases. First is having own family, I mean the wife or husband and kids. This is the most common example of the family. The second one concerns the people whose families are their parents, uncles and cousins. They do not have any wife husband so their relatives are their kin.

How to protect the closest?

Keeping the closest safe should be one of the most important goals for every family member. Only taking care of each other in the family group will be beneficent for all members. The basic method to protect the family members is the insurance. There are plenty of types of insurance policies, each of them has its own rules and areas that it covers.  Additionally, the insurance can concern not only the humans but also the house of a car. Protecting the closest doesn’t mean only the money protection. It is daily duty to be a part of family members’ life, to know what is happening in their life and be involved in it.

Concerning kids, keeping them safe looks like the most important to complete duty. Because of their nature, they are very easy to manipulate and reckless. That is why they very often become victims in various cases. Nowadays the most dangerous place for them does not exist in the real, everyday life. The Internet is a place where they can be hurt very much and even the best insurance policies will not defend them against it. It is 100 % parents’ duty to keep them safe in this environment. It can be accomplished by reliable education, showing kids how to use the computer and the Internet browsers and setting up a control over their activity. The effective control can be achieved the installing the specialist software. It is called parental control program. This tool gives parents an ability to create a list of websites that should be blocked, put filer on an email box so the messages from the suspicious sources will be blocked. Next very useful feature is reporting the user’s activity in the clear reports that shows when the user was using the computer and what websites did he visit. Parents are also able to regulate the time spans in which children can use the computer. All those features together give a very big opportunity to create high level security standards at home.

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Summing up, taking care of the closest is one of the most difficult processes in everybody’s life. At first we should think about our families and friends, however the youngest should be light in the eyes because those kids will create the new generations.

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If you are interested in the topic of kids’ security in the Internet, fell welcome to visit and get familiar with the PCWebControl tool that will give you a great opportunity to keep your closest safe in the Internet.

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To Become A Social Media Pro

If you think that you are expert enough to be called a social media geek, well I think you have to check on this. If you have an Instagram and you are a pro when it comes to get the texture color of the background or even in your image then you are really a pro. Texture heavy images though are in demand of about 70 percent and more. I know most of us wanted to get more likes if you like to have more likes then change the image from dominant color to any unique color, you’ll see if you change the color, many would press likes to about 25% or more.

For tweeting, maximize your words and your words will get more retweeted at about nearly 20 percent. Don’t forget to include pictures and retweets will increase about 90 percent. In Facebook, if you will have to maximize your words in tweeter then not in FB, 100 characters does not work here. About 40 characters will do and you will get about 90 percent attention.

Want to know more check it here

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The Big Hero 6

Last Saturday everyone in the team agreed to watch a movie. The title of the movie is “Big Hero 6″ It is all about the technology of today and the future. It is an invention of a robot that programmed to help who people who are ill. He became a hero and expert in martial arts to seek the responsible person who set the building on fire where the brother of Hiro went inside to help their professor. Unfortunately the building exploded and his brother was not able to get out alive.

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Juggling between MP4 and WMV with Movavi Video Converter

MP4 or MPEG-4 (Media Pictures Expert Group to be precise) is a very popular video format, which you may have encountered numerous times while sharing and downloading video contents. However at times you may need the videos in WMV format instead for either compatibility or Windows Media Player libraries or embedding them. The reverse can also occur where you want to send a huge WMV file over internet and you can just instead send a MP4.

What are MP4 and WMV?

MP4 is a video format that can compress video when encoded into and yet does not lead to appreciable loss of quality. Such features are helpful in keeping the file size down along with decent quality. However, there are times when you need uncompressed video (embedding in applications, limited CODEC support or where compressed videos cannot be played) – WMV is a format, which provides this albeit with increased file size. Thus, when you need small file size with portability, MP4 is the choice whereas for uncompressed videos WMV is the format to go for. Also to be noted is the fact that the file size will depend on resolution, duration and frames per second too i.e. a Full HD MP4 video will be larger than VGA WMV video for the same duration. Movavi Video Converter is the perfect tool to convert WMV to MP4 format and vice versa.

Converting between MP4 and WMV

  • The first step would be to download Movavi Video Converter and install it following the instructions given on running the installer. The process is fairly simple.
  • Open the program from programs list and then click on Add Video option in Movavi Video converter. This will open the file open dialog box and choose the WMV or MP4 file to convert. You can select multiple files as well for batch conversion by holding down Shift or Ctrl.
  • Click on “Convert To” field and click on “More preset formats > WMV” and choose the appropriate WMV format (based on resolution). If it the other way round, choose from various MP4 category and the various presets available. Note that the output file size will depend on the resolution selected.
  • Choose the output folder where your converted video will be saved from the Destination field and then click on Convert button to start the conversion. The process may take some tile depending on the size of the video from which conversion is taking place, the number of videos selected to convert and the encoding selected.
  • Once complete, open the location selected during Destination selection and you will find the converted videos there stored.

 photo 3_zpsa24f1248.png

With Movavi Video Converter, video conversion from and to MP4 and WMV is very trivial and involves just a few clicks. The software also supports batch processing where a series of files can be converted too. The presence of various presets greatly simplifies the task rather than manually setting the value, which can lead to distorted videos due to the fact that aspect ratio may not be maintained.

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