Very Useful For My Daily Activities

I first known about Power Bank from my friend, a friend from Singapore sent her a power bank as a gift last Christmas. She told me the uses of the Power Bank when I asked her about it. She said that you can charge your cell phones, laptops and tablets through the Power Bank depending on how much mAH it is. Mine is only 4,400 mAh so it can only charge 2 cell phones and I can charge the power bank for about 2 hours. My friend has the highest and she said it can charge 4 cell phones, 2 laptops and 3 tablets.

Since mine is only P1, 000.00 of course 2 phones will be enough for it. Power Bank is very useful for me, because I always went out to send or fetch my kids and sometimes I could not charge my phone at home when it the battery is almost drained, there are times that I will forget to charge it. Power Bank is there for me now to rescue my phone when it is about to die.

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Defend Yourself

If you live in a potentially dangerous area, or have to travel through one, you need to know how to protect yourself.  I am glad that the area I live in is fairly safe when compared to others, but there have been home invasions and burglaries in the general area.  That is why I think it is very important for we women to know how to protect ourselves.  For the longest time I really never thought I would want to learn self-defense, places that teach a self defense for women Toronto, I am sure I can learn the skill to help me if I ever need them.

I hope I will never have a need to defend myself or my children from an attacker, but if I do, I want to know how.  The safety of my family always comes first.  The best way to avoid trouble is to avoid it, but there are times when you really can’t.  If you are looking for a self defense course Toronto, you can check out the link.  I want to insure the safety of my family and know how to defend myself seems like a good way to start.  I am a small woman and some may think I am an easy target, but if I know how to defend myself, they will get a big surprise.

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My Power Bank Was Delivered The Next Day After I Ordered It Online

 photo HPIM2797.jpg

I just shopped online in Lazada the other day using the token that they gave me. I choose to pick the power bank, which cost P 1,000.  I ordered it last Saturday and I didn’t expect they will deliver it the next day. Good thing I was still at home when it was delivered otherwise I may have to the LBC again for my package. And I tell it is so hassle when I needed to track my package, not the mention I don’t have land line anymore.

 photo HPIM2798.jpg

Here is the box of my power bank from

 photo HPIM2800.jpg

Tsaaraann! Here’s my cutie white power bank, my friend said I could charge a phone twice for a day. Not bad at all for me.

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Taking Selfie Is Mental Disorder According To APA

I just read this online about the taking picture of one self, since everyone is doing it; I guess Webster is thinking to have the word selfie added to the dictionary. I am so fanatic of taking pictures before, either with myself or with friends or just all the things around me. I have a purpose though and that is I have a blog I am maintaining every day. And one of those days should I put a picture on it to look it livelier. (At least for me). Back to the article I read just a day ago, APA said or American Psychiatric Association confirmed that taking selfie’s is a mental disorder. They even have names whether if you are severe, and not so severe.

You are in Borderline if you are taking selfie but kept it to yourself, meaning you did not share it to social medias.

While, Acute is taking selfie at least 3 times a day and shared it to social media

And the last but not the least is the Chronic, you are chronic if you take picture of yourself like how many times a day and shared it to social media.

This mental disorder is selfitis of course it is derived from the selfie or taking pictures of yourself.

Since there is no treatment for this kind of disorder temporarily you can have yourself checked under CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

So what are you? Are you borderline, acute or chronic?

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