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MYM: Tiger and Dora


Just this month, my youngest daughter just celebrated her birthday, it was held in one hotel here in our place. Tiger and Dora came along to join the party. She was so amazed with both of them; she keeps on following the Tiger, even when the Tiger needs to eat. And she danced with Dora and showed her all her toys, which she got from the games that she participated on her birthday. My little darling had a blast and was so tired when we got home; in fact she slept so hard and sounds even before we arrived at our house. 

Anyway, this is my first entry for Mellow Yellow Monday. And if you have anything to share that has some  spark of yellow, just click the badge above to join!

Creating Another Blog

Here I am again, creating another blog, and I hope this blog will be a successful as my other three blogs.

I also have to thank my husband for suggesting the title of this blog. I love you dearie, you are always in the rescue.

So please welcome this blog to your world. Thank you!