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Know His Activities

My husband was so concerned with my eldest daughter last night, because of what happen to her classmate’s family whose dad is also a foreigner. Her classmate told her that we should guard and know the activities of my husband otherwise it will be too late. My daughter told me about it and was so surprised that her classmate told her about their family issues. Jm was becoming so worried, I talked to my husband about it, and he said he will talk to my daughter.

After they talked on the phone, my husband suggested to reinforce him, to tell Jm everything will be fine and that my husband, her Dad doesn’t need another woman, three girls are so enough to him. And that he loves us so much especially the first one.

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Stunning View in the Background

This was taken last two years ago, we were just done attending a 9 mornings mass here and since we arrive home early, me and my sister just grabbed the chance to jogged a little in the neighborhood. I found these scenes so astounding and beautiful so I took a shot of it. That is the Mt. Apo as our background; it is visible in our area early at 5:00 to 6:00 a.m.

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Facial Spa

This is what I don’t like every time I go out in the house because I would surely sleep late to update my blog. I don’t know of you, guys but I just can’t take, not to write something here even how tired I am. I am not obligated but I guess this is just my passion to write and to share my ventures and thoughts. I really plan to go out today since I have to pay my contributions but I was not able to do it because I was simply, already late so I just went to the mall instead to eat and have a facial spa. Yeah, it is just nice to be pampered like that out of your busy or lousy day. They took out my black and white heads [ewww] I was unaware that I got many of those. They also discovered some milium in my face and that they said they need to take it out. I asked what it is; they said it is just an excess fat.
I’ve search it here and so I quote:

Milium is formed when dead skin was not shed or cast off but remains and trapped in a round pocket in the surface of the skin.

I thought it doesn’t hurt but she warned me then that it is, well I don’t have any choice since she recommended to really sloughing it off.

Anyway, I feel like my face just had shave because I feel clean and anew. Well, how I wish they can also wiped off my wrinkles just like when you erase something in a paper, I hope they had that so this wrinkles would not be visible anymore in my face.

For Her To Pay Their House

Just this week, my sister went to City Hall to submit her documents for their house. It has been years already that she was not able to pay for it; she did not acquire one Low Cost Housing organization procedures since they required   a   huge amount of money from her.  Though she was so worried since there are houses that already have a foreclosure notice and those who have it were required to leave upon the term that was issued to them.

Good thing, our Mayor here gave them a chance to pay for their house in a very affordable price. So my sister grabbed the chance, she submitted all her documents for their house to be submitted in Manila. She wished she could be granted the 10 years term for 1,500.00 pesos only every month, the five years were okay but of course the payment will be doubled. It would be an early Christmas for them if ever their request will be granted. Please Lord; soften the heart of those in the position so my sister will be able to pay their house.


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