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Scenic Sunday : Ostrich

Scenic Sunday

This is my entry for Scenic Sunday, and I am looking forward to gain more friends here on this Meme. I am not a pro when it comes of taking some pictures. I don’t have the right equipment as they said and I am just an amateur myself however I would try to take more scenic pictures and show it to the world the beauty that possessed in this country.

The picture below was taken at Malagos Garden restaurant; it is a place where you could see a lot and variety of animals. This Ostrich was I think trying to make a pose for the camera. 

Birthday and Beauty Giveaway!

Just this morning, I was invited to join a contest. How nice of her to tell me about her ongoing contest. The Birthday and Beauty Giveaway contest.

But I was dumbfounded as what to write regarding with fashion stuff because I’m just not into fashion. I just wear jeans and shirt and some sandals, and I seldom went to department store to shop for my clothes and most of the time when I shop for myself, I could Pchoose as easy as that. I won’t stay out long there otherwise I can’t buy anything for myself at all.

And in regards with passion. I love reading books, yes I admit it was stopped for a while but now I am back, and I’m actually looking for a certain book entitled “The Tribulation Force” by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. I just read the first series and I was so much withdrawn to it. I already went to National Bookstore but they don’t have a copy of it anymore. So maybe I have to dig more to bookshops so I could find it. I also love to write, although my grammar sucks! I hope not much though. When I was in high school, I always have my diary (a note book actually) and I wrote my activities at school, crushes and some kilig moments there. I had 5 diaries all in all but it stopped when I went to college, it was a sort of heebie-jeebies to me anymore so I did not continue writing.

Now, that blogging is here and since I resigned from work. I didn’t hesitate to sign up. At first, I actually don’t mean to earn here yet I tried my luck and so I earned enough for my kids.

This Birthday and Beauty Giveaway would not be possible without the help of these wonderful sponsors.
Birthday and Beauty Giveaway

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