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No Fee, No Exam

Early this morning, I was suddenly got too busy that I didn’t have time to open my computer the moment I woke up. I have to go to the school of Jm to pay her tuition fee. It was only yesterday that I remember, it is their first day of finals today, if my daughter did not remind me of it, she might not able to take her exams this morning since their school has a strict policy started January that if you can’t pay the tuition fee on or before the examination day, your child could not take the test and he/she will have to get out from the class. 
I didn’t have enough money in my wallet that I needed to run to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw. Good thing my sister lends me some money and that I just have to return it after I paid the school. I also have to go to my niece’s school to sign a note that she should not be late on their Graduation practice, or else she could not graduate. Could it be? I would write a detail on it for my next post.