No Fee, No Exam

Early this morning, I was suddenly got too busy that I didn’t have time to open my computer the moment I woke up. I have to go to the school of Jm to pay her tuition fee. It was only yesterday that I remember, it is their first day of finals today, if my daughter did not remind me of it, she might not able to take her exams this morning since their school has a strict policy started January that if you can’t pay the tuition fee on or before the examination day, your child could not take the test and he/she will have to get out from the class. 
I didn’t have enough money in my wallet that I needed to run to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw. Good thing my sister lends me some money and that I just have to return it after I paid the school. I also have to go to my niece’s school to sign a note that she should not be late on their Graduation practice, or else she could not graduate. Could it be? I would write a detail on it for my next post. 

3 Responses to “No Fee, No Exam”

  1. Mommy Liz says:

    yup, mga private4 school eh strict sa mga tuition fees, pano pala kung nakalimutan mo na due na pala at di ka ni remind ni Mj, eh di di siya naka kuha ng test.

  2. genny says:

    busy jud diay ka ann. congrats kay maying in advance.:-)

  3. Fe ( Winchester) says:

    meron talagang school na sobrang strict, "no exam" ang policy pag di ka magbayad….meron din namng pwede hanggang 2nd day ng exams ka pwedeng magbayad…
    minsan naman talaga eh sa sobrang busy di mo na ma-track kung anung date na, na meron ka palang dapat bayaran …
    btw, thanks for adding me on your blogroll; i grabbed your badge at nilagay ko na sa blog ko…
    happy weekend !