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Goodbye Bro!

Last month, when I went to the mall to grocery shop, a woman tried to advertise me with their phone line company with Internet. As I really wanted to try the DSL I fill up the form but I warned her that the DSL is still not available in my area, she said she would check it to their company. 
As the days go by, I still could not hear any news from her until I received one message from an agent. He asked me if I am still interested with their service. So I told him to come over to my house so we can discuss the detail. He asked me to fill up a form again, actually that was the nth times I did try to fill up a form from their company and I was just disappointed because they would always tell me, their service is still not available in our area. So I was hoping this time, my application will be realized then. 
I was so happy that finally, just last week they set up my landline and this week was my Internet connection. So I must say, although I would miss my bro. I have to say farewell to my old good friend. I hope you will not give me a hard time to disconnect your line in your office and the contract will be waive since you are the sister company of my new ISP. Till we meet again Bro! I hope not LOL