For Her To Pay Their House

Just this week, my sister went to City Hall to submit her documents for their house. It has been years already that she was not able to pay for it; she did not acquire one Low Cost Housing organization procedures since they required   a   huge amount of money from her.  Though she was so worried since there are houses that already have a foreclosure notice and those who have it were required to leave upon the term that was issued to them.

Good thing, our Mayor here gave them a chance to pay for their house in a very affordable price. So my sister grabbed the chance, she submitted all her documents for their house to be submitted in Manila. She wished she could be granted the 10 years term for 1,500.00 pesos only every month, the five years were okay but of course the payment will be doubled. It would be an early Christmas for them if ever their request will be granted. Please Lord; soften the heart of those in the position so my sister will be able to pay their house.


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