Archive for April 18th, 2011

Deleting Some Friends in FB

Yes, I just deleted some friends in FB, those friends who were fake and I just met. Geez, it is better to stick with the old friends than you just met anyway there are also some new friends who are true and real, just like what I have now.

Anyway, this friend does not deserve my loyalty because she never had been. She is so pretentious, as if she is always on your side but when something happens, you cannot find her on your side. I guess that’s why I don’t see or heard her she had friends aside from us maybe because of this attitude. And she had this sip sip thingy, and with that there is no way I can befriend with this woman. If you have a friend like this kind of person you better watch out because she would stabbed you in your back, so beware. Most often than not, I still wish her good luck!

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