Rainy Nights on Holy Week

Yes this is what we experienced for this holy week. It gets very hot during the day and during night time it would rain so hard. And it said to be that this unusual temperature will be likely up to until the end of the week.

Good thing that the swimming session ends up so early since there is no learn to swim this week. And luckily the rain usually starts pouring when we arrived at home. I hope we can still get lucky until I would purchase an umbrella for us.

All my umbrellas were damaged, I wonder why that even how expensive they were, they would easily get damaged no matter how careful I was. There was one time, after just an hour I bought an umbrella and when I used it, the string was destroyed and the stretcher in the top spring bends easily. From then on, I never buy any expensive umbrellas anymore. Now I opt to look for cheap ones, at least if it would damage, it is not that painful in my part, oh especially in my pocket. Hehehe!

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