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Now It Has Ended

The Imortal drama fox and vampire series is now in its finale. I thought I couldn’t watch it today because the team was planning to go to the province for some sort of exposure for 50 meters pool but we were not able to do it since the person that we contacted from there said he could not find any 50 meters pool available for us so we decided not to pursue it. A part of me was glad and obviously it is because I can watch the finale of my favorite series in TV.

Now since it was put to finale already, I have a new series I am currently hooked with, and that is Green Rose. I was not able to watch the episode yesterday because I fell asleep with my little tea pot and did not get up until 1:00 a.m., anyway I have to go and finish updating my other blog so I can go to my dreamland and snore out loud. LOL