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TCP # 8: Cars Part 2

When we watched a Kung Fu Panda the other day with my kids, one of the trailer before the movie started was the famous movie “Cars” Do you remember the part 1 of this, it is just so awesome! I thought it was so boring that I didn’t dragged my kids to the theaters but when I watched it in Disney Channel, the story was pretty awesome. Thus, I won’t this Cars Part 2 will just slipped away without us watching it in the big screen. I am so looking forward for it; this is as well my entry for:

Here’s the trailer of the movie Cars part 2:

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Planning To Hire A Designer For This Blog

This blog is almost 3 months old already, now I am planning to advertise this through adgitize so I could finally apply this to my one favorite paid site.

But I am still contemplating the designs and the color of the lay out as well I am still trying to figure out who is the designer available for me. I actually have her in my mind; I just need to contact her, maybe after the trip in Manila. I hope and I pray that she would respond my inquiries soon.


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Word Verification

Finally I was able to find a plug in for a captcha or word verification, now since I installed it, I noticed that I didn’t have that much spams anymore. I hope it would continue to be like this forever because having those spammers are so annoying at all. Sometimes I just spent my time deleting or putting those comments into my spam folders not realizing that it would eat up my disc usage in my host site.

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Ghost Writer

I admit that sometimes, if I can’t think of anything to write, my husband is always ready for a rescue. He would give me a topic and it is up to me how I would deliver it. There are times also that it is his idea or he would write a certain topic for me and I will just paste it in my blog. He is also my savior whenever I am having a hard time with some tasks online, I always thank him for always and truly my knight in shining armor. I love you Hon!

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