Roller Coaster

That was my life today; I was too busy that even combing my hair was hard to do. This morning, I told Jm that it is my sister Merlyn who would send her to the pool, she obeyed me at first but later she suddenly gets too dragging, I know she doesn’t like the idea but she doesn’t have any choices since this day is the first day of F’s summer class. Before they went out I have to check yet her materials for swimming, I also put some ointment on her face for her allergies. At 9:00 a.m., I woke F up to prepare her for her school, she was still so sleepy but I have to feed her so she could attend her class, I bathe her and change her clothes afterwards.

At 12:00 n.n., my sister Merlyn called me up to let me know that the money I gave her was not enough and they could not go to the Kumon at 1:00 p.m. I have to go at the pool yet to pick them up for Kumon. Good thing my niece was here over night and she was willing to watch after F while we are not around. When I arrived at the pool, they told me that the team will going to have training at 1:00 p.m., therefore my daughter could not attend her advance tutorial. I just asked my sister Merlyn to exchange the finish worksheets so Jm could still have the updated worksheets. When the training was finished, I immediately sent Jm to the house; I have to go back to downtown to do some grocery shopping and to buy my little tea pot her school materials.

It was a long and a roller coaster day indeed and I am so sleepy at this time yet I have to tell you all goodnight and sweet dreams!


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