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TCP # 7: Duplex

Related with Grannies, is our theme for today in Tuesday Couch Potatoes, and so I present to you a movie I could not forget, it is because, I had a good laugh with this one.

Duplex of Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller, made it to the top on 2003, it is a movie of a young couple who thought they have found a home to begin with as a family. They never expected that a giddy old woman rented and stayed upstairs. The couple did everything just for the old woman to leave but she stayed and got so many requests. Ben Stiller who play as a writer in the movie could not concentrate writing his book because he always got disturb with the old woman who enjoys watching a TV with a top volume. Drew Barrymore (Nancy) loses her job and the pair trapped at home together with the giddy old woman. Who would win between them would be for you to find out. Here’s the video:

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