Sharing My Picture in Multiply

What do you use when you post pictures in your wordpress self hosted account? Apparently you should not upload pictures through here because that would fill in your disc space provided by your hosting company.

So what I did, since I have an account in multiply, I copy and paste my picture from my multiply album, they would provide you the code when you click the share button of the picture you want to share. Copy and paste here the code, take note it should be pasted at the HTML not the visual, when you are done, take out the <a href until before <img therefore when someone click your picture it will not be redirected to your multiply account or your album. You may compose a message after, then put it back the visual whether you would justify your message or put your picture in the center. And then click publish.

One Response to “Sharing My Picture in Multiply”

  1. Family Help says:

    I have an account to Multiply also ad I could say that the network is pretty much useful when it comes to storing images just like with photobuckets, imageshack and flickr.