I Miss The Gang

Would you ever remember someone when sometimes a song just aired on your radio? Like a certain songs that somehow whenever you hear it, it will remind you of the hurting you had before? Or songs that make you laugh and smile when it is played over the radio.

I have these friends when I was in high school, and you know what they really like for a song? Gosh, it was all Air Supply, they were so fanatic with that band before and they always watch the concert through tapes. And since they were my friends, I also got hooked up, every night when we gather together, one would bring and play a guitar and we were all singing all the songs of Air Supply, I guess we just know all their songs, just like “Even The Nights are Better, I Can’t Let Go, Here I Am, Can’t Fight This Feeling, Chances and so on and so forth. Name it and we just know it, I wonder where they are now? I heard one of them are already in the military, and one of them I just don’t know, I hope to see them one of these days or one of these years. I miss the gang!

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