Sleeping Late

I slept again late last night, my husband, my sisters and my friends kept on telling me to sleep early because my asthma would attack me now and then if I will not discipline my self to go to bed as early as 9:00 p.m., oh well, how I wish I can do that. I mean I worked in a call center for three years so obviously my night time is my daytime because of my work. I am so used to that, I could even awake for day time and will work at night time, though you have to expect a random bang on my keyboard because I felt asleep in the middle of phone conversation.

When I got pregnant with Faith, even my husband was supporting me in terms with finances and all that, I still want to go to work, I did not resign. I had a lot of contractions even my tummy was only 5 months old, I was sent to the hospital because of the bleeding and all that. But geez I guess I am just so stubborn to quit, one thing I could still remember was during phone call, my baby inside my womb would move, once, twice or thrice. It feels like maybe she likes it that way, busy and keep on babbling.

No wonder, it is hard for her to sleep early at night, and she loves computer so much. She is so talkative also and oh well stubborn like her Mom. She is our phone receptionist here as well, whenever the phone rings, she would come running and she will be the one to entertain them, if somebody would look for me, she would say “Mama, phone” and if her Dad is the one who is on the other line, she would tell me “talk to daddy, Mama, talk to daddy”.

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