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Now Windows 7

Yesterday was my worst nightmare ever. My computer’s condition had gotten worst; the whole system was so slow. I asked my husband if we could reformat the whole thing but he said we needed the software to reformat it. So I brought it yesterday after I chatted with my husband, we went  to my brother in law’s house, I was hoping he could repair my laptop but when he check it, he said it was darn so slow, and he thinks that some virus infected my OS. Good thing he was also upgrading his computer and installed a windows 7, he said he would try that on my computer. Due to some issues, somehow he could not reformat so what we did was that we just deleted the previous OS and exchanges it with the new one. So far, it is doing well except one problem during start up, but that too was resolved by me, I was able to find it out in one forum.

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Beach Party Next Year

My daughter and I had been talking lately about her birthday next year, she told me, she hopes, she will be no longer celebrate at school as she would like to celebrate it at the beach where her team mates could attend she would also love to send Beach Party Invitations to some of her classmates who are close to her. I asked her what made her decide to celebrate it at the beach, she told me then that since first grade until fourth grade, she has been celebrating it with classmates at school; she thinks that the next birthday celebration should be the right time to be different.

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