Eye Irritations

It was almost noon when I received a call from my daughter at school, she said that her right eye was swelling and the nurse at school said, she needs to be checked by an eye specialist. So I hurriedly went at the school to find out what’s going on, I was hoping that it is not the same as before when she was sent by the school nurse and said she just had an accident and her tooth was directly bumped on the floor. She got her tooth cracked up a bit and I hurriedly sent her to our Dentist, good thing I had money at that time unlike today if the swelling is worst, I still have to wait for my husband to wake up then.

When I arrived at the school, and checked her at the clinic, I was relieved that it was only minor. The swelling is not that big, when I asked her what happen she said it swell all so sudden, she didn’t where did she get it and it was so itchy. The nurse suspected sore eyes so we went to the eye specialist immediately. It was only a minor irritation she gave us an anti allergy and that she would take that before bedtime. The swelling is not visible anymore, thank GOD the medicine is not that expensive except of course the Doctor’s fee.

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One Response to “Eye Irritations”

  1. nah! basig mahal pa imo gibayad sa doctor Anne…hehe buti na lang minor ra, sus, mata pa ra ba jud. agi ko.