After 10 Years

It is indeed so important to have name plaques on a desk especially when you are the one who rule the company. Those nametags would be your identity inside the office. Mostly, you could gain high respect from your subordinates without telling them your position.

When I was still in college, I dreamed of being successful in the field I just choose. I wanted to have my own desk, with my computer on it and a phone and a name plaque in front so everyone in the office knows, who I am and what is my position for that company. But during interview, I was asked by a supervisor what do I want to become 10 years from that day, I told him I want to be a supervisor as he is and rule the company. And guess what? I was not accepted, I tried to trace back what happen during the interview, I even asked myself if my answer was wrong and the only thing I can recall was that answer of becoming a supervisor. He maybe thought I would replace him 10 years from that day on the same company he worked so hard for.

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