Some Changes

We had some issues with the hosting serving, so my last post here was deleted or gone. The host explained the problems to us, so I did not take that post yet back and this morning, she said it is all okay now. Thus, I am here to write again that post because I was not able to have a copy on that.

I had some changes on my wp blog and that is I will not write memes anymore here, the target of all these blogs are for the opportunities that we wanted for, I mean that’s why were here right? So my memes are transferred to My Little Home, Little World of Fun and Mary Anne’s Musings. I am doing this so I could save my space for cpanel.

Thanks for understanding.

One Response to “Some Changes”

  1. Mom's Place says:

    ako Anne, wa na nako gi-retrieve oi, although nag hatag si Mabelle ug instructions..malibot ko, nya sakit ako ulo so ako na lang gipasagdan hehe. maayo unta di na to mausab, pero naga back up na ko ron especially if may paid post ako.