Adventures or Just My Luck

I only drive for one month yet I already have a lot of tests and experienced and you won’t maybe believe it but thank GOD I surpassed it all.

The first time I drove alone was so hard for me, my speedometer did not work so I won’t know how was my speed when driving but my friend told me, I just hit the 20 km/h. LOL. Yes I was slow because it was raining and I could not see the road, blame it on the aircon since it also didn’t function.

The second one was my wiper did not function all so sudden while the rain was pouring so hard. I immediately run the car beside the street took my umbrella and tried to fix it with a rope that I just found in the street in the middle of the night!

The third one was I thought my aircon was already fixed so I was confident to run my car. But then it started to fog, I stopped 3x and on the 3rd time, I saw the flood rising towards my direction where I parked the car. Maybe I was just guided by our LORD because, suddenly the aircon worked. I start the engine and run the car even it was already started to flood. I stepped the accelerator so hard so it won’t stopped. Good thing, I arrived at my eldest school safe, although when I started again the engine there, the aircon did not work anymore but that was alright because we are already near at home.

The fourth was just tonight, the steering wheel suddenly smoked while driving and I smell like something was burning. Oh well just my luck but I guess I already got used to it. I was not nervous or scared at all, my daughter was already praying to at least we could get home safe.

God was always there for us and I know he still will on the coming days, maybe this experienced would I serve as my greatest adventures while learning how to drive. I mean I already know how to drive, maybe to get rid off this fear or worries, I should at least experienced not so good but somewhat, my learning process.

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