Gloomy Weather

We will be going to Cagayan De Oro tomorrow and yet until now I am still here at home. I did not prepare yet and I did not went out yet to get the money that my husband wired for me for our expenses by tomorrow, good thing Mj doesn’t have training and Kumon today so I have the whole this afternoon to run my errands. Maybe because the weather contributed my laziness today, it has been so gloomy since this morning but I really have to get up my butt here in the computer I need to prepare our things right now.

One Response to “Gloomy Weather”

  1. javen21 says:

    I also hope that the weather forecast tomorrow will be okay then. Low pressure is still in the Visayas, and it’s freezing cold here in Boracay. I really hope it will be fine tomorrow, I have to back in Manila by tomorrow afternoon.