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LinkWithin Replaced By A Code

You may notice something different on this blog, oh well, we just replace the linkwithin, it is something to do with the code that my friend Genny inserted and this is the first blog we’ve tried. She found it hard to locate where she could put the code last night in the style.css of my blog but this morning, finally it was all set up accordingly. I am so thankful that the linkwithin was replace, I have nothing to say against the linkwithin though but with the buttons at the bottom showing also of each of my post, my blog would tend to run slowly plus the thumbnails it would take my blog for a little while to show up. But with the code with no thumbnails, it is showing a little fast now.

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Potential Benefits and Side Effects

I have a goal to lose weight. It is one of my favorite themes in my blog, but I know I need to lose a few pounds and am trying to find the best solutions for me. I have tried belly dancing, going to a gym to work out, but I really don’t have the time with two active daughters to take care of. Diet pills are an option. But if I take a diet pill like Apidextra, I want to read some Apidextra customer reviews and if you want to know them also you can see apidextra customer reviews here, to see what others think about it. I want to know the potential benefits and the potential side effects of any dietary supplement I might decide to take.

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