Wednesday White # 6: ENT Specialist

My daughter was complaining of her right ear, I thought that the ear drops that she had was still effective but it was not at all because her ear was still hurting during training. It was during her training that she could not bear the pain at all, she stopped and then we went home. The next day, I made sure that her ear will be taken cared of; we went to the specialist to have her ear checked. The Doctor said that her ear was swelling and it was reddish, so he recommended the right ear drop after Mj was checked. Now she is able to dive in the water without any pain plus her Dad, my husband sent her numbers of earplugs she could use during her training.

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14 Responses to “Wednesday White # 6: ENT Specialist”

  1. Rovie says:

    Good to know that MJ is fine now…

    Agi ko for WW…

  2. Leovi says:

    I hope to improve this problem his daughter. I practice swimming and I always do with earplugs to prevent infection.

  3. Wrigley says:

    your daughter will someday be a good swimmer! Good to know her ears are okay now.

  4. MegaSassy says:

    Glad to know that there’s no serious problem in your daughter’s ear. Thanks for the visit on my WW entry!

  5. awww! poor MJ, glad that her ears are doing well now Momi Anne becasue it feels uncomfortable swimming with an earache πŸ™ Returning the visit from Wednesday Whites.

  6. byotipol says:

    aw ka sweet pud sa dadi oi. sakit jud na day kay dunggan apektado… paki visit pud kos koa ha palihug…click lang link

  7. Gaylee says:

    Glad to know MJ is doing fine now. Good luck on her training. I’m pretty sure she’ll be a great swimmer considering her dedication despite of ear sensitivity. Thanks for the visit πŸ™‚

  8. Deli says:

    Good to know that your daughter is now doing fine. Thanks for the visit.

  9. KM says:

    good to know the earaches are gone. better to use those earplugs for protection πŸ™‚

  10. Mel Cole says:

    yep, those are a pain if you have ear infection. make sure to always use ear plugs when spending long time in the water. visiting mommy anne from Wednesday whites.

  11. Cookie says:

    praise God that your MJ’s okay now. I’d be worried too if my child complains of any pains in her body.
    visiting from WW

  12. that’s the part of parenting we need to look into, we always wanted our kids to be safe and healthy at all times. i wish his ear is okay by now.

    thanks on visiting my whites.

    hope you can also join our green monday at


  13. emzkie says:

    good thing u took her to the doctor right away. =)

    late visit from WW. heres my share..
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    Self Portrait

  14. raya says:

    oh dear I hope she would be ok. My hubby has problems in both ears which makes it very difficult for him. Thanks for joining. Here for a late WW visit!