I wonder why my phone was not able to receive any messages today, when I arrived at the pool, our coach asked me why I didn’t reply of his message, it is but I didn’t receive anything.  And not only that, later I found out that I couldn’t even receive any calls, that was when I didn’t receive a single call from my husband this evening. I turned my phone off and turned it on after a while, and the signal works. Yet the messaged from our coach and from our friend didn’t went through, it was an important message because it is about the papers of my daughter for DAVRAA. Sigh! What happen to Smart these days? Are they already affected with the so-called solar storm?

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2 Responses to “Affected?”

  1. byotipol says:

    dayyyyyyy di jud na magsilbi magbilin ug bisan unsa butang sa car samot pa money, u think it is safe kay locked ang car pero nahhhhhh u r inviting thieves to ur things. di na mahimo dri’s jumerika jud bisan unsa ka gamay sa butang keep it out of sight, mao mga car car dri hawan kaau walay ka deko dekorasyon kay kahangyan sa mga kawatan, buk-on pa imong windshield galada ug among daku na noon kau bayaran nawagtang pa imo butang paayo pakas nabuak.

  2. byotipol says:

    hoy nasaag mani ako comment, pasensyahi adto unta nis para sa DON’T LEAVE YOUR THINGS UNATTENDED… nabuta ang lola makajut