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Giving A Way Is Not That Hard

I had been driving almost a year now and I have encountered a lot of experiences in the road. Just recently even I was already ahead of a public vehicle, the driver really tried hard to insert, he almost hit my side mirror. I hit the horn really hard so he will know that he almost hit me but this driver seemed ignoring me and since the kids were with me I didn’t bother to go out and tell him that he should be aware that he is not the only vehicle in the street. Some drivers are really nasty, they don’t give a dam to give a way for another car instead they don’t care at all. That’s why there are lots of accident happens in the road because everyone doesn’t know how to be patience and how to give way, instead they are more concerned on their ego, they feel like if somebody would overtake them, they are already stepping over them.

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It Is Better To Be Late Than Never

My husband just celebrated his birthday yesterday; I was not able to think of the best gifts I will give to him until today. I’d been so busy lately and I forgot that he loves to play golf and he needs a new golf wedges for his next game with his friends. But I believe it is better to be late than never do it anymore right? So now I am looking for some wedges in Cleveland, they have varieties of wedges to choose from and all are durable, of course they are a well-known company and most trusted by golf players. So I will not be wasting my money if I would purchase my husband a golf wedge, I know that he doesn’t obliged me of, buying him gifts but he won’t say no either if I would give him one besides it would be from my heard earned in working 7 days a week. Geez, I could still remember those days when I went out with friends to play golf, we just rented golf materials and equipments but since I don’t know how to play golf, I stayed in the cab to drive for them. The funny thing was I was stock in the mud near a tree, my friends have to come running to rescue me.

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