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On The Whole Night

My computer was on the whole night! I forgot to turn it off before I put F to sleep, I thought I could still wake up but geez the anti-histamine kicked in and I could not even get up. Good thing I told the kids to lock the doors and windows and checked it myself before F and I went to bed. So I need to turn the computer off right now as it has been up the whole night and this is not good at all.

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Top Of My List

I remember when I was growing up seeing the old Volkswagen beetles on the road. The looked really cool and a lot of fun. I mean, just looking at them and riding in one, said look at me, I am young and I know how to enjoy life. Now as the years have passed and I have matured, so has my taste in Volkswagens. It does not mean that I don’t think the beetle is not a cool car any more, I think it is, but for me a Jetta or Passat would be more suitable. Especially know that we have two young daughters.

There are lots of Volkswagen dealers and in my opinion; volkswagen los angeles is one of the better ones. Respect and service to the customer are two things that go a long way when it comes to influence me to purchase a car. I really like the new Passat, but I am also a fan of the Jetta and if I decide on an SUV, the Taureg can not only haul my girls around, I can use the storage for when I go shopping.

When I think of getting a new car, Volkswagen is at the top of my list and when I look at what Volkswagen of Los Angeles has to offer, it may be the only auto dealer I will need to visit.

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