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Beyond The Limits

I took a nap today since I have to drive my youngest daughter to her Doctor but then when we arrived there, they don’t accept any more patients. The clinic will be open at 3:00 p.m., and it was only 3:30 p.m., I was so disappointed we were not even late and yet they did not accept us anymore. The secretary said that we can get back by tomorrow but my youngest daughter’s cough is so hard, she even could not sleep because of her cough and if she will not be medicated today I think she will have a fever if we took it long to give her the right medicines. Her Doctor is a good Doctor but I can’t wait for another day so we looked for another Pediatrician, good thing we found one, her clinic does not have much customers but I don’t care at all, all I cared was for my daughter to be given the proper medicines. Without any further ado, we went out from the clinic with smiles, F can start her medication today and I worry no more this time.

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Even Until Forever

I am always impressed those men who bring briefcases before as they look like they were the boss of a certain company. But later I realized some of them are not even supervisors but my impressions for them are still the same, they are just so neat especially when they bring the leather briefcases for men, leathers are always give a nice remarks to all the users, it always last long even until forever. I am not sure though if my husband used a briefcase when he went to work, if he does I am sure he looks good on it. Uhmm, I wonder if he used the leather one or not, I will have to ask him later when we chat.

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