I Am Totally A Driver Now

I guess I am really a driver now because I could drive from hilly to downhill at all and even it is that far from our place, I could still drive with it even it rains cats and dogs. Yes, yesterday I picked up my friend and her fiancée to the airport but before heading there, I also picked her sister up along the way so I have someone to talk to while I am driving, it was raining so hard when we get there at the airport. After a while, my friend and her fiancée arrived from Manila, I could see the smile of my friend’s face when she hold her fiancée, they are indeed in love with each other. Anyway, it was already past 6:00 p.m., that we took the road to Apo View, it was still raining this time and my car seems dragging maybe because it is too loaded. The fiancée of my friend wanted to purchase a gas to fill my car, but I refused I already have that taken cared of on the way to the airport, I just told them to free my dinner, lol of course I was just kidding but since we are all starving we headed to the Zabs thereafter. With my car pack up with passengers and the long road I took, I could say yes I am already a driver, so do you want to go with me? 🙂

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