Fetching A Friend From The Airport

Today, I had to go to the airport to pick my friend C up. I messaged her this morning if she likes me to fetch her up. She messaged me back if it is okay for me to fetch her up. Oh well, I mean with all the things she had done for me from the previous years, driving for her is not much to handle anyway. I dragged my daughter and told her to take a shower early so we can catch up to my friend’s flight, she did not complain at all and so we went off. When we were already near at the airport, I was sure that the plane flew on top of us was the plane that my friend’s was boarding and so I was right because she called me then after a while that they already landed. We supposed to have our lunch at the mall but we changed our mind besides my friend’s need to rest so I suggested if we can just buy some foods and will take our lunch at their house, it is more convenient that way. So after we bought some foods for lunch we headed immediately to their house to eat the sumptuous foods from Bigbys.

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