Cignal Sucks Or The Staff?

I immediately went to their both in NCCC to buy a new load for my Cignal; my box is for postpaid so if I won’t buy a load, I will not have any of their service. I don’t want that to happen but it has been twice that this scenario happened. We buy load and then the staff would tell us they will call the base immediately to have my load, but obviously they did not. I will not make any follow ups at all since they have a great service before, they would call the base immediately to have my load and right away my load is already in my box but sad to say for twice already, the second time will be this morning to ask them where’s my load.

I could not view any program this morning, too bad I have to watch the latest news in Manila but I can’t yet. We had typhoon last night and it has been said that some areas in Manila had floods and some areas does not have electricity. Okay then, if ever they can fix my line, I hope it will be before “Two Wives” that I always watched every morning.

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