My Internet Connection Was Gone For Almost 2 Days

I didn’t have my internet connection for almost 2 days. The other day while browsing, the internet connection is gone all a sudden. Good thing, I am done already with my stuff here so that was okay but when I went back home from the pool, the connection is still gone. I have to call them to ask what happen, unfortunately their call center only opens for 8 am to 6 pm so I have to wait the next day to call them only to find out, it only needs a trouble shooting. The agent just instructed me to turn the modem off, after like 10 seconds, I was asked to turn it on then restart the computer and viola its there! So they don’t really have problem with their base but I just need to refresh the modem.

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One Response to “My Internet Connection Was Gone For Almost 2 Days”

  1. Born27 says:

    Hi Anne!

    I bet your internet is powered by G, right? Ours too! I was so pissed off with people from the call center. They cannot explain to me why it happened.