My husband’s debit card was hacked; he was devastated when he was informed by his bank that somebody from California took his money. He was also informed to report to the bank the soonest possible time so they can investigate, good thing his payroll did not went through yet when it was hacked, but the money that they stole is a serious amount so my husband has to take good care of it. When he was there at the bank yesterday, they told him they can still retrieve some, oh well, the full amount should return to him, I mean he worked hard for it and they just took that so easy that is not even acceptable to me.

We should be very extra careful with this hacker, they said they can tracked your records through WiFi spot when you have to open your computer to a public place, or they have this device that can tracked your information even just sitting beside you in a restaurant or to some other places. We should be more vigilant to our surroundings nowadays.

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