Techie Kid

My daughter’s phone fell off from the table at the clubhouse; I tried to call her yesterday, as I wanted to inform her that we were already on our way. I didn’t know yet at that time that her phone went off because it was soaked with water when it fell.

When I arrived at the clubhouse to fetch her, my friend told me to dry Jm’s phone because it was all wet. I told her though that she wouldn’t be receiving any phone from me at all once it will not fix.

We arrived home then, and she tried to fix her phone, she let it dry with a blower. She wiped the moist of the monitor; she even spent an hour to have it all dry. After an hour, she turn the phone on and it works! She could never be happier with her success of fixing her phone. She told me how she did it when it was finally fix, I didn’t know she can be techie after all,  thank GOD I am saved of buying her a new phone again.

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