I Missed My Old Cellphone

I just had a weird dream today when I took my nap, I dreamed about my old cellphone just before I took the phone of Jm so I have something to use when I have to contact my friends. That phone was stolen from me 2 years ago already, I felt so devastated and disappointed with myself, if only I was careful enough. It will never be lost. In my dream, the phone was just placed on the top of my closet, I just left it there and I totally forgot about it. Although I know it was my phone, I was having doubts because it has changed its color and the size but since it is really my phone, I just took it from the closet. I was then contemplating what would I do with the phone that I just bought. And since I really really like the phone that was lost, I thought to just give the new phone to my niece. But on the second thought, I kept it instead because I want to have another phone with another sim.

Sigh! It was only a dream though; I terribly missed my old cellphone. It was a lesson learns though when it was lost; always check your belongings when you have to get out in the taxicab.

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