Goodbye Class Cards!

When I was still in college, grades will be written in class cards after midterms and finals. We gave the class cards during the first day of the semester. There are times that when I could not claim my class card on time, I have to dig my class cards at a classroom where it was placed. The scholars put it in a box in a classroom and we will just go and look for our names. It usually happens when the teacher did not arrive at the schedule date of giving out grades.

But now, everything is so techie. You don’t need a class card anymore, I am not sure though if other schools are still patronizing class cards but in my niece’s school, parents can actually look the grades of their college students online. Yes, and that is I am actually doing now for my college student here. I am still waiting for my sister’s users ID and pw so I can enter the site and eventually know the grades of my niece.

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