Books In IPad or Computer

I love to read books, since Sidney Sheldon died, I am now hunting for another kind of genre and venturing another authors. When I am waiting for someone in the mall, I always go to a book shop to wait there while looking for a book to read. In today’s generation, some do no read the literal book because they can actually download it in the computer, I mean my niece just done that. Pretty exciting isn’t it? She told me to look for a copy in PDF file, but I am not sure if I could do that, I mean when I go out I want my eyes to settle in a real book and not in monitor of a computer. My friend told me you can actually read books in a table or ipad, it is free I guess you just have to trade in or just borrow it. Just like when you borrow a certain book in the library. I am not sure how does that work, maybe you also have to download or something. But I am a laid back kind of person; I still have to raise my hand for a book in the bookstore and not in the computer or ipad.

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