Factors That Would Help Me To Compose Myself

I admit I sometimes scared to get old because I don’t want to walk with a cane, get sick most often or worst not to hear anything. But in this fast phase of life getting old is inevitable. There are things to do that we don’t need to walk with a cane when we get old, of course walking with a cane is due for our lack of calcium and so when we are still a bit young. It is best to drink milk with high in calcium. We also need to exercise even though we are aging, it is important to get fit especially when we are not getting any younger.

With getting deaf, I am not sure with that but if that would happen to me (knock on wood) I know where elite hearing aids, that is not even expensive and is designed to fit exactly in my ear without being obvious that you are wearing one because it is designed to hide easily behind my ear and easy to adjust as well. But I tell you, I admit these are the factors that helped me to compose myself when getting old but I am still scared and worried.

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