Entrecard Said Goodbye

It is almost 4:00 a.m., and I woke up when my baby got up and asked water and from then on, I could not sleep at all. So I just turn my computer on to read some news and whereabouts.

And then I saw the latest updates from FB, it said that they are back for manual photo tagging for privacy reason,  I haven’t uploaded new pictures in FB though so I really could not back up this post but somehow the news tells though so I guess it is true.

One more that surprised, I mean this one surprised me a lot more, the EC is now closed. I thought they only have updates with the server that’s why I could see any widgets appeared in my blog. But when I open the entrecard website yesterday, it says it could not be found. I just leave it, thinking the servers must down for a moment but then one friend in FB shouted it out that the EC is no longer of service.

Entrecard dropping has been a lot of help for my traffic ever since it was started but I just cool down when the Adgitizing was a hit and all a sudden it went off too. I tried to be active again in EC dropping then the FB syndication occurs. Although I joined Alexa hopping, I am still dropping to some of my friends there and then the EC shuts down and I mean forever.

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3 Responses to “Entrecard Said Goodbye”

  1. genny says:

    i am inactive in EC dropping for more than a month. and this news really shocked me. is this true? no more EC? sadness…:-(

  2. meadowly says:

    It’s very disappointing without the EC widget on our blogs..

  3. John says:

    It’s a shame it closed, but there were a lot of people cheating and dropping with a script. 🙁