Multiply Will Shut Down?


I was very active in Multiply before the facebook was a hit on the Internet, I have gained so many friends there but I was cooling off when I am getting active with blogging. I have so many memories of the site, I shared comments and laughter and all that with the friends I made there so I was flabbergasted when I read the letter from one of the executives of multiply, it said that the site will be shutting down and so we need to download our pictures and they are only giving a short span of time. I didn’t have a copy of those pictures and those pictures are so dear to me because it was one of our first meet with my husband so the other day I am started to download some of our photos but it takes time and until now I am still not finished since I am too busy offline and in online.

Now when I open the multiply again to find the letter, I could not find it, in my inbox, in my updates, none! I planned to paste the letter here for proof so if anyone of you have an account there, you could immediately retrieve all your pictures. But anyway even if it was spam or a trick or not, since I am not active there anymore I guess it is better to close really the account yet I have to finish uploading all my pictures. Sayonara multiply, till we meet again.

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One Response to “Multiply Will Shut Down?”

  1. betchai says:

    yes, multiply gone too 🙁 in a while, most of my old posts would have no pictures since before i was too lazy to upload my pictures to the posts in blogger, i just use url in inserting images 🙁