IC Cut Off!

I was flabbergasted when I noticed that my Internet connection was cut off, I was in the middle of my blog hopping when suddenly I could only see the website of the PLDT and not the website I am visiting. Don’t get me wrong I am paying up to date but for goodness sake I only have days overdue and not a week or a month and they cut it off already!

I supposed to pay the bill on the date of the due but I forgot about it and I have yet to prioritize some bills here. Right after I paid my bill, I went to the PLDT office immediately and told them about it, the staff said we are talking about days and not weeks or month, so if you can’t for it on or before the due date they would cut it off automatically. I asked her if when they can reconnect it, she said it would take to 24 to 48 hours before they can have the Internet works, so that’s the reason why I was not able to be online the whole day yesterday and the other day. Anyway, that’s the lesson learned for me but I hope since they are strict with their bills the should do their best and offers to have no intermittent to be experienced by their customer at all.

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