Charger For My Speaker

 I just bought a charger for my car, my friend suggested for it so I will not have to worry when my cellphone is out of battery. I bought the charger for only P150.00, the charger could also make me listen to the songs that my niece and daughter were downloaded. But I feel like my phone was overused because aside from texting and call and recently for songs, my niece also downloaded some games I could not complain because I am also enjoying all the games that they downloaded and so I need another charger for the small speaker I bought few months ago, we did not used it because it is easily drained even we completely charged overnight. I hope they also have charger available for my speaker so I just need to buy a memory card for my songs and put it in the speaker. I forgot to give the speaker to my friend so maybe later tonight I will be able to hand the speaker and so she can show the store owner as a sample.


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