I Am Tired And I Want To Shop

Filipino are used to wear jewelry like necklace, earrings or even bracelet. Some also wears bangles, or beads necklaces, or just a simple bling bling. But there’s one thing I want to have and that’s no other than slane and slane, especially when I am not well right now, I am pissed of someone that I want to shop some jewelries to wear until I drop. But of course I can’t just go out and shop as I still have so many things to prioritize first. My eldest daughter is asking me to buy her some costumes she will have to use in their program next week and I also need to pay that roasted pig that my friend ordered for me.

Geez, I can’t even concentrate, why is it always hard for you to make those things come true? I am so tired and exhausted and I want to buy those wish lists on my mind to make me feel at least okay. How I just wish I can turn back time maybe just maybe these things did not turn out to be this way. Oh Lord, please help me get through this; I know I am strong and patient and considerate but sometimes I want to be just out in the open. I am tired and I want to shop.

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