My Daughter’s Polaroid Camera


One of Mj’s friend showed her Polaroid Camera when Mj went to their house, they had so much fun taking pictures together and from then on, Mj swear to herself to buy something like her friend’s has.

When she won the 2nd place in Gen San Swim Meet, I promised her to add P1, 000 pesos in her savings so she can buy the camera that she want. She was so happy to hear that from me, she was so inspired that she won again another 2nd place and 3rd place.

The other day, we finally purchased the Polaroid Camera; she could not contain her happiness when finally her dreamed camera is already on her hand. The only lacking now is the film, the film costs like P500.00 for 20 sheets, today we are also going to buy it. Here is the picture of Mj and her friend at their house, using the Polaroid Camera.


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12 Responses to “My Daughter’s Polaroid Camera”

  1. Wow! Congratulations for both winning and for the new toy!:)

    I love how you motivate her and let her goal-set for something that she wants! Great Mom!

  2. Getting something you really want as a reward for achieving something really motivates people to do their best. Congrats to your daughter, that Polaroid camera is really something to be treasured as it was hard-earned. 🙂

  3. marri says:

    She deserves her polaroid camera because she worked hard to get it. I hope you will post her captured photos once you have the film.

  4. waaahh i envy her, i want a polaroid too!

  5. Mai Flores says:

    Awww.. kudos to your daughter’s determination to have that dream camera. I actually like that Polaroid version. My sister-in-law has the blue one as of the moment. And it really is fun to have especially during special events. 🙂

  6. lovemindanao says:

    wow .. i never knew this kind of camera still exist .. i still remember having one back in the 80’s i guess… good motivation for your child …

  7. Your daughter’s camera will bring her lots of learning and fun.

  8. Franc Ramon says:

    It’s really nice to have kids start a hobby like this and also teach them the value of saving for what they want.

  9. I remember back in the day how having a polaroid camera was tied to being popular. I still have some polaroid shots from back in my college days. Nothing against digital photos, but there is just something more special about photos that you can actually touch and include in your scrapbook.

  10. Marie says:

    congratulations on winning! My son loves taking photos too so we made him use our old canon400d….so fun!

  11. che says:

    Yay! Congratulations to her. She deserves that camera for her hardwork. 🙂

  12. ralph says:

    congrats for the new cam… i remembered as a child, it’s really a good feeling when you work hard for something. Yahweh bless.