My New Acer E1-471 Laptop Is Here

A while ago, right after I sent my daughter to the dentist, we headed immediately to the computer shop to pay the full payment of my new laptop. The car was not fixed yet so we have to suit ourselves commuting, no I am not complaining I always love to commute; I missed my life without a car and definitely not driving.

I could not contain my happiness when finally I have my new laptop on hand now. But I think my eldest daughter is more thrilled than me because the moment we arrived home, she excitedly informs my sister about it. Anyway, I hooked my laptop to my ISP immediately and it worked so fast. The only problem is that the router is still not working; my husband said it sounds like it was overheating when I describe how the router reacts when I tried to connect it to the main plug. My husband suggested for me to look for another router and I just inform him how much is it, but I guess for the meantime, router is not an option not to mention that Christmas season is fast approaching. There are more things we need to buy and prioritize first.

If you want to know the specs of my Acer E1-471 you may want to view it here, thanks!

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