I Want IPAD Dad!

My husbands keeps calling at home even I am out in the city to send Mj to the pool, he called home because of my youngest daughter. One night when he called the house, Faith told her Dad of an Ipad. I was out to see my friend and the one who were at home are her sister and her cousin Mariel and my sister as well. My husband was surprised that suddenly Faith asked him of an Ipad, he asked me where did she got that word or how did she know about Ipad, oh well aside from her classmate who sometimes played some games on the Ipad of her mom, Mj at that time was coaching her of an Ipad. And because she knew what an Ipad is or maybe just a gadget that has games she can play on, she agreed and told her Dad about it. I know Faith is too young to own an Ipad so my husband just told her of no Ipad yet but a cat.

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