Putting Up A Business

My sister has a printing business, it has been running like 11 years now and it helps her a lot especially now that she has a family she needs to attend to. Sometimes I would help her in the office; I will do the bookbinding, proofreading etc. I witness all her struggles with the business and even it runs already like that long, the business is not progressing. You know why? It is because it lacks of advertising to the prospect customers, I already have suggested personalized business cards and they are trying to work on it now. I hope they could advertise their products as well like putting some banners in a bulletin board, in that way their business will be introduce to all the people. I was also thinking for a website for their business.

I and my husband thought it would also be a good idea to have a business here but it is hard when he is too far away, I know I could find some deals for my business cards, I just have to work real hard for it and I believe we can do it but I need my husband’s skills. He told me though that we have to have a feasibility study for any business that we want to put up. This is for our advantage so we know the flow of the business and what we can do and be done if it is profitable or not. On the other hand, before we would put up a business, maybe it is best if we will put up a house first since I am just renting here and after that we can think of a business that we want.

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