Coffee And Juice While Editing

I’d been busy editing the “My Little Home” as it said to have a malware, I have deleted those codes which I thought to be the culprit. I have like more than a thousand posts on that blog so it should take a while to finish those stuffs. While I was doing my online tasks here, I went to the kitchen to take my breakfast but to my dismay, there is no food already on the table, the breakfast that I cooked this morning was all gone. Sigh, my precious eldest daughter finished it all! Of course, I fried her favorite bacon and you know she loves that, so without any further ado, she left nothing for us and oh, she left something for Faith and not me. Grrrr! But that’s okay at least she left something for her youngest sister. So guess what I have now? I just have a cup coffee and I matched it with juice and I am not sure what do you call about that, maybe a coffee with juice? or vice versa… LOL

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