Free Movie Day in SM

My co workmate from before messaged me all so sudden and asked me if I want to avail a free movie ticket, of course I am a movie goer so who could resist this one? I asked her immediately how I could get a free ticket. And she linked me to FB page of SM, she told me to just follow the instruction and after that I will get a code that I will represent to the in-charge. And since the instructions were I could get another one person free, I choose my friend Cheryl.

It is really going techie all over the world, even the malls have their way to reach to their customers and what is more fun of this is that it is even free for their frequent customer. I should thank the SM for giving me a free ticket; I will be watching the Stolen with my friend.Β  A Free Movie Day in SM is surely going to be so much more fun!


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19 Responses to “Free Movie Day in SM”

  1. Cher says:

    yey for you! got two free tix for Breaking Dawn 2 finale too! who says nothing is free in this world? *winks*

  2. i am just there in Manila, maybe i should also try the techie thing so i could also get a free movie ticket πŸ™‚

  3. lencilicious says:

    all you have to worry is the popcorn…enjoy the movie dear.

  4. Ria C says:

    That’s really a good offer to movie-goers – free tickets! What’s more fun, you get to choose what to watch, right!

    Freebies barely happens here i Dubai. If it does, it’s usually tied to a bank promotion, credit card usage, contests…

  5. Oh that’s nice, the bad side of that is the crowd, am sure it will be packed.

  6. Lainy says:

    That’s cool! I should try to avail of one too. Sayang pa ang PhP 111. 00. Hehehe!

  7. Travelentz says:

    wow! free movie I would love to get…hehehe

  8. Nova S says:

    why do they do that? have a free movie day without me? wow! enjoy your free pass/movie

  9. Jennie says:

    If it wasn’t for our 11th anniversary celebration that day, I would go get a couple of tickets myself. πŸ™‚

  10. Alley says:

    You’re one lucky girl! πŸ™‚

  11. papaleng says:

    Thanks to SM and to my son, may free 2 tickets din ako. Mapapanood ko na ang Petrang Kabayo.

  12. Josie says:

    enjoy the movie sis, everybody’s dying to see this last sequel.. πŸ™‚

  13. So lucky of you to avail free movie tickets!

    I have to agree with you. Everything now is very techie and very digital. Which makes everything easier.

    Some government agencies here in Philippines now also offers online application, like BIR, DTI and PhilHealth.. I’ve got BIR and PhilHealth through online. I have avoided long queue. πŸ™‚

  14. emzkie says:

    wow that is cool. i want a free movie ticket too!

  15. cheerful says:

    wow, that’s nice to know…lucky Filipino moviegoers! πŸ™‚ they do wednesday here in bkk for a movie day, less price only not free.

  16. gracia says:

    Free is GOOD! have fun at the movies

  17. mtrguanlao says:

    Wow,that’s great news,hehe! I am always after for free anything,lol! Will go check that out too,thanks for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

  18. Algene says:

    I already got mine! But I was sad to find out that the movies are not new! Hahaha Not so up to date!

  19. Shengkay says:! gling naman…dito sa amin meron din kaya?..
    ..good for you mommy…